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A few strangers on a flight called Oceanic 815 are headed towards Los Angeles from Syndey when suddenly a mysterious magnetic field attracts their plane out of the sky and onto an island whose parameters are unknown and impossible to find on any map. The little island however has tenants of its own for example a french woman who has been on the island for sixteen years prior to the landing of the castaways. Several events that have occurred before the crash and several that occur afterwards drive the entire crowd into a swaying frenzy of a seemingly never-ending mythology which became known as the famous ‘Lost’. The characters need to adjust to their new found home and learn to live together, get along with each other and carry on. That is what happens in the first season and from there onwards it is a whole journey. This article lists down some characters from the series who had the most ironic deaths on the show. Now whether it was intentional or not that remains to be seen!


The character of Sayid is a retired member of the Republican Guard. This if translated means that he was once an enemy to all of the passengers on the flight. Though he claims that he was in communications, he is known to have tortured people for information. What he does, he does good and he hates his own guts. Also, the fact that he says he is communications is some part of the whole equation. The irony about his death is that he blasts himself with C4, exactly four years after dissuading a friend of his from making the same mistake. Furthermore, he dies as soon as he is healed from his infection. Also, before he kills himself with a bomb, he was falsely accused of being a suicide bomber.