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Remind me again that I am going to blab here about your worst, next door neighbor’s X rated DVDs, but guys jump out of all that fiction, the high feature serial killers we see on TV are not just on film, they exist in reality as well. I mean there have been some men and women who wanted blood or revenge for quite some time now, but the point here is not just that they were murderers, they were some who made it into history books as widely notorious beings, or some only killed twice but the methods used were an invention. This selected bunch (particularly women) created another balance in the dictionary of killings; they were like the holy giants being punished not just for their pious tongues but for their ways of playing noodles with the human anatomy.

10. Waltraud Wagner

She belonged to a team of nurses who had this interest of giving you more than you needed, isn’t this very humane and so much of a positive attitude, after all, nurses have the reputation of being clean, extremely polite, and quick acting on their job. Were you left to decay on your bed, and you called for your nurse and she didn’t turn up? Well this one did turn up, and she made sure you got your medicine on time and gave you more than you needed. Waltraud was a nurse until people in her care started dying one by one, in a very precise sequence. She was responsible for these deaths due to prearranged drug overdoses and other unmentionable means at the Lainz hospital in the 1980s. She was sentenced for life and charged for 15+17 counts of murder. We couldn’t do the math even, add the numbers and curse her soul once again. Who dies of common cold?