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All of us think that celebrities are these high profile out of this world people with amazingly posh life styles. We idealize their ultra modern homes and their world tours which sound larger than life. Have you ever wondered what life backstage might be like? These celebrities always keep whining about the long hours at the shooting sights, lack of proper food, sleep deprivation while working and what not. Well surely none of us dream of living endless days being short of sleep with pebbles to eat and the floor to sleep on. Read on to find out some of the most outrageous back stage demands that celebrities have these day and never again would you believe a word coming out of their pretty faces about woes of the backstage.

10. COOL J

Ladies Love Cool James!! Cool J? Sounds familiar? He is an entrepreneur actor from Bay shore, New York pretty famous for pioneering hip-hop such as “I can’t live without my radio” and “Mama said knock you out”. He has appeared on many films and currently stars as NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna on the CBS crime drama television series NCIS: Los Angeles. Any guesses for what his backstage demands are? Well let us add to your knowledge. Get this, the star wants 24 long stemmed roses and small (yeah small!!) bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby oil and his game is on, as in literally. And that is so not all. He has food days so if its Tuesday its only Spaghetti, Wednesdays only beef, and Tex-Mex Thursdays.. Well Hurrah to that!! Not something to whine about now is it!!