A Husband Divorced His Wife After Looking Closer At This Photo He Took Of Her (3 Photos)

A husband took this photo of his wife after he came home from some time away. Aww she looks so cute sitting on her bed, posing for this picture. After he looked closely at the picture he decided to divorce her.


20 Things In Life That Give You Instant Cred

Daily I face a morning battle of what will I wear. It is so important to leave the house like you own that world you’re about to step out into, to build up a reputation that allows you to enter the terrifyingly judgmental world of yuccies and bros with your head held high and confidence exuding from your pores. So how do you go through life with instantaneous credentials? By possessing one of the many things on this list. Legit, much like your newfound cred, these things will have heads turning and mouths falling open as you strut by. Just keep on doin’ you.

1. Having an accent.
1. Having an accent.

23 Clever Tattoos You Might Not Actually Regret In 50 Years

#1 These messages of encouragement.
#1 These messages of encouragement.

24 Times Disney Movies Got Dirty

Like most makers of kid’s movies, Disney tries to slip a few jokes in for the adults, too, just so they don’t get too bored. But they’re not all high-brow puns you need a college education to understand. Some of these dirty jokes might have even slipped under your radar the first time around. So here you go, a few things to watch for the next time you cue up your kid’s favorite Disney title.

1. Kronk pitches a tent in The Emperor’s New Groove.
1. Kronk pitches a tent in The Emperor's New Groove.

20 Hilarious Love Notes From Modern Day Romeos And Juliets

Love is love and love is extra cute when it comes in the form of handwritten notes and letters. Modern day love isn’t only incredibly sweet, but actually pretty funny as well. It’s couples like these who know how to balance love, romance, and humor, all while throwing in a taste of their own personality which makes the note so much better and a lot more personal. If you’ve got a relationship like this, cherish it.

1.The man who knows how to make his man feel very adequate:
1.The man who knows how to make his man feel very adequate

19 Lazy-Girl Cleaning Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

If you couldn’t care less about cleaning every nook and cranny, if you can’t be bothered to move the couch each time, if you can’t for the life of you figure out what the other attachments for the vacuum are, you’re probably a fellow lazy girl.

So here are all the cleaning hacks you need to keep a decent-looking (and smelling) home while rocking your lazy status.

1. Never wash another bowl or plate.

Washing dishes wastes perfectly good eating time. Tortillas fix that.
1. Never wash another bowl or plate.

18 Seriously Weird Celebrity Couples

I’m sure when you look back at all the winners you’ve dated, there have been a couple ones you think to yourself, “WTF was I thinking?!” Or maybe right now you’re dating someone who is so incredibly different from you, it just works. Celebrities are the same as us little people, only their love lives are right out in the open. These are some seriously weird celebrity couples (of past and present). But hey, if they’re happy, we’re happy. Check them out:
1. Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent
fifty cent and chelsea handler 131210