10 Unpleasant Creatures We Fell In Love With Through Cartoons

All those in favor of cartoon films and animated movies please raise your hands and say AI! Animated films specially are my favorite category simply for the reason that they are so adorable. The character portrayal, the over all depiction, and the story lines are mushy cute. There are so many creatures in cartoon films as well as in animated films such as the super hit WALL-E, the block buster SHREK, and the amazingly successful DESPICABLE ME, that seem so cute in the movie however they might seem pretty revolting, ugly, hateful, dangerous, and horrifying in real life. Well that is the thing about cartoons, they just make you fall in love with the tiniest of smallest of little things that just stick to your heart. This lists honors all such tiny creatures that became dear to us via cartoon films and animated series.


Casper was perhaps the only movie that made ghosts a lovable idea for kids and not something that they should be scared of. The best thing about this little ghost was that it taught all the kids quite a number of lessons as well. Again, reminding them that all ghosts are not bad and good ones make the bad ones go away. The cartoon was later converted into a movie as well which received a lot of appreciation.

10 of the most Beautiful Old Buildings

There are some buildings in this world that were meant to stay put for quite a number of years. By quite a number of years I actually mean more than two thousand years even. Not like the buildings that fall over with a strong gust of wind, but buildings that were made to withstand roughness of decades and centuries. This lists brings to  you ten of the most beautiful and the oldest buildings in the world. The listing is not necessarily based on how many years ago it was built, it is actually based on my personal liking for old buildings. Enjoy!

10. The Great Wall Of China – China (2410 years)

We have all heard a lot about the The Great Wall of China and some of us have even been lucky enough to visit it personally. Even looking at it in the pictures, it is quite evident that the journey to building this great monument to history would have been a long one (which it actually was since the construction started in 5th Century BC and ended in the 16th Century BC). The wall itself is around 5500 miles long which makes nearly 8852 kilometers. To date this wall is touted to be the biggest structure created for defense purposes. A hoard of different have ruled over the wall over the past years but now it is just a tourist destination. The wall has a low altitude and is barely visible from a low orbit around earth.

Ten Weird and Fascinating Medical Tales

I am going to be honest here and say that I absolutely hate anything and everything that has anything to do with biology or medical science. But that does not stop the medical world from being fascinating at times. That world is full of weird diseases that you probably aren’t even aware of, different medical marvels and weird anomalies. This article discusses top ten tales from the medical world which are really bizarre. Each story is interesting in its own way and some are very, VERY difficult for the human mind to comprehend.


You guys know Star Trek right? Do you remember Mr. Spock with greenish blood? Well, apparently that can occur in humans as well. In October 2005, doctors at a hospital in Vancouver were inserting arterial line into a patient in order to relieve pressure in his legs. The doctors were startled when they saw ‘green’ blood instead of the usual red blood. Initially the doctors thought that it’s because the hemoglobin did not bind with the oxygen in the blood. But it later turned out to be because of a condition where hydrogen sulfide combines with the ferric ions in the blood to form sulfhemoglobin, which then turns the blood green.

Ten Bizarre Types of Taxes

I am sure you are familiar with the concept of taxes; this is how countries usually run. I am also certain that you are aware of the everyday taxes that we as a society are supposed to pay. Now I can assure you that you will either laugh it out or be really, REALLY surprised when you read what sort of taxes are imposed in certain places. I follow the law, I pay the taxes, but this is actually pushing it. I am sure you probably have no idea what I am talking about, so why  not just go through the list and you will probably thank God you live in areas where these don’t apply and for once feel happy about the taxes that you actually have to pay; I know I did.


At the time when the policies were being formalized for different types of taxes, the playing cards used to be really popular. The King thought it to be a great way to earn some extra money. This tax was first applied in the reign of James I in England around 16th and 17th century. These taxes were applied on the playing cards until as recently as 4th August 1960. Well, what do you have to say about this one?

Ten Unusual and Weird Accidents

Let’s face it folks, each and every single one of us is scared of accidents. I, for one, haven’t experienced any major accident my entire life and I thank God for that. You might not be aware but the world experiences different accidents every single day and I am not talking about your everyday road accidents. I am talking about something on a much bigger scale, something that gives the word ‘weird’ a new definition. This article talks about the weirdest and the most bizarre accidents from around the world over the course of history. You do not expect these sort of things to happen every day or even once in a blue moon and that makes this article a very interesting one indeed.


An experimental ‘train engine’ blew up in Philadelphia, County Durham, England. The year was 1815 and it was a four-wheel engine. Sixteen people were killed and this is recorded as the first major railway accident. You will not find a detailed account of this accident easily. Poor victims were the sightseers who were gathered to see the locomotive in action. The explosion left countless more injured.

Ten Extremely Terrifying Creatures

What is the most horrifying creature that you ever heard of? I have heard many stories of different mysterious creatures walking this very planet. These creatures are nothing a normal human mind could possibly accept and they naturally generate fear amongst us. We have seen many horrifying and scary looking creatures in different movies and we have read about them in different books. But the question is, do these creatures actually exist? Are there species of things unknown that walk the planet with us? There are stories that originate from ancient times and they have made it so far and this article is exactly about those stories and different sightings in various parts of the world. It’s an interesting read.


This creature was sighted twice in the town of Dover, Massachusetts between on the 20th and 22nd April in the year 1977. It is not certain whether ‘it’ is a creature or an alien. There are people who suggest this demon does not belong to this planet. It is reported to have had a large watermelon-like head, bright orange eyes, long and thin arms, hairless body and tan sandpaper-like skin. It is said that this demon had no nose, no eyes and no mouth and that it was three feet tall. It is not associated with any human killing yet.

10 Things to do when you are Bored

It happens to all of that sometimes, for no apparent reason at all, we get so bored that it becomes a headache. Remember those times when you are sitting idle in the living room and you are not in the slightest of mood to watch the television, you do not feel like reading a book, or going out with friends, or being a saint and cleaning your room up, or at least a part of  your messy wardrobes. All of those when the brain keeps sending signals that “hey! man! you are bored” Sparta! So what do you usually do? Most of us, including myself I proudly admit, just doze off and wake up a good number of hours later. But the other unlucky population out there who cannot fall asleep at the mere mention of the word, need proper guidelines as to how they should spend that time or should I say, guidelines to PROPERLY waste the said time. Well do I have a list for all you folks out there. Read on to find out some of the most exciting things you can do with all of that boring time.

10. See how long you can hold a note

OK so the amusement potential that this little thing might have rounds to about 20 minutes at max. But it surely is a sure shot way to get a few laughs out of your otherwise boring existence. If you do this with a friend it might seem more amusing. What you need to do is to take a deep, very deep breath and make a noise. Hold this for as long as you can. You can start scoring by how long the original note is held and how funny the ending sound was. Seems pretty ridiculous but come on guys, try it!