10 of The Worst Red Carpet Disasters Ever!

Shouldn’t celebrities be people who know how to dress up, what to wear, and what not to wear? What looks chic, what looks in-trend, and what looks plain stupid? Having the best designers at their disposal, having the money that it takes to go to the best stylist, one should at least take the time out to be sensible about their dress sense. You know if I had Valentino, or Dolce & Gabbana, or  Lagerfeld at my disposal I would have a dress made from them specially for me. Okay we do understand that sometimes what these designers come up with is not totally hip and happening but then again one needs to use a little bit of their own common sense, specially when going out onto the red carpet. And if you cannot think of anything else, then just stick with plain black or red. It always looks classy, but apparently, people (read celebrities) can end up messing a pure black gown too! Read on to find out exactly who was that naive!


Uma Thurman is one gorgeous lady and has done amazing in the films as well. She has been critically acclaimed for a lot of her roles and has been appreciated for a lot as well. Well looking at her on the red carpet of the Oscars, yes, the Oscars out of all the shows, where she decided to dress up as a beat-up Cinderalla. One actually thinks that probably her dress was put together by mice and birds. If examined closely, I see a white lace type material, very bad stitching and the bluish thing in the middle. I wonder what she was thinking when she decided to get ready for the Oscars.

Ten Sex Demons That You Never Knew Existed

You have seen some movies where the humans come into some sort of sexual contact with supernatural beings. Well, it’s in the movies for some reasons. Throughout the time there have been several myths regarding these particular concepts and there have been many stories as well. People have talked about certain incidents that led us to believe in their possible existence. Over time, these supernatural beings became known as ‘sex demons’. While now is a different story, during ancient times being unexpectedly pregnant or getting an abortion resulted in anger from the people whom one was close to. One theory is that in order to cover for those incidents people made up these sex demons. Ten of the most popular ones are listed below in this article.


Popobawa means ‘bat-wing’ in Swahili. It is said to be a large creature that resembles a bat. It has one eye. It is said that this creature stalks men and women in Zanzibar, Africa and then rapes them. It is also said to have shape-shifting powers and is often in the form of either a human or an animal. It visits households at night. Some say that this creatures roots are in Islam and according to the researcher Benjamin Radford, the recitation of Quran keeps this particular demon at bay.

10 of the Oldest and Enchanting Castles in the World

We have all seen and been inspired by castles in so many movies, cartoons, and video games. It is something about those huge halls, and towers, and spires and the foreboding look that completely mesmerize us. There are many universities in the world that are built with such spacious architectures as those of castles. Remember seeing Harry potter and his friends studying Magic in the Hogwarts Castle? Wasn’t that totally spell binding (no pun intended), or perhaps you remember the various kinds of castles used in THE LORD OF THE RINGS! I bring to you that and so much more as I take you on a visit around the world to some of the oldest and most beautiful castles that are still standing. Being used as tourists spots today, these were once monumental to defence and thus they stand rock hard! Read on to find out more!


One of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights in Prague is the castle, touted and most famous because of being not only the largest but also one of the oldest castles in the world. The construction of the castle began as early as the ninth century and even if viewed in person today, one can see that the design of the castle reflects all kinds of architectures be it baroque, or Romanian, or even Gothic. Being 570 meters long and around 130 meters wide, this is a sight to behold.

Ten Weirdest Unresolved Mysteries in the World

So one would thing that with so many scientists out there in the world there would be nothing that cannot be explained, nothing that has led to unsuccessful research but tell you what? There are more than a few mysteries in this world, events and procedures, and happenings that have no logical or rational explanation. In this article I will be listing a few of the more known mysteries, and when you read through them you will realize that everything in the world is not always based on a law, that stories that we hear are not always fictional, and events causing disappearances are not always resolved. No matter what the newspapers might say (and they do say quite a lot of things juts to ensure that people do not panic), there are some thing left undone simply because no one knows what to do. Read on to find out the unbelievable.


The placebo effect is kind of like a psychological effect (saying so because of the lack of a better word) that takes places when a person who constantly complains that something is wrong with them and they need medicine to recover. The doctors upon realizing the symptoms (again using the word due to lack of a better one) give the person a medicine which actually is not a medicine but the person feels better instantly. So that particular thing is called Placebo, which when given to such people with the re-assurance that it can sure them, heels them of their unease just because in their minds they knew this would heal them. Weird isn’t it? Our own bodies hold so many mysteries, such as this one, which is perhaps due do a certain connection of the body and the brain.

Ten Weird Toys for Kids

Do you remember those simple times when the smallest of toys brightened up every day of your life, like it’s your birthday? Those were the days weren’t they? Today of course toys are not good enough for children and they require nothing less than an iPhone or some high-tech gadget to give the faintest of smiles. But let’s not get into that shall we? This particular article talks about ten most weird and inappropriate toys were your children to have. If you buy them these toys, at least I will judge you. I wonder why they went under production anyway. Most of the toys discussed are either scary or something the children can’t and shouldn’t appreciate. Nonetheless the list is quite interesting so read through and enjoy.


Take one look at this and imagine if you had this doll when you were four or five years old. Wouldn’t that scare the living bejesus out of you? This is the doll of Mr. Herman and I’m sure you are all familiar with him and the fact that he was interested a few years ago. One would wonder exactly why a company would go through the trouble of actually producing a doll after him and that too with such an evil-looking grin. Truth be told he looks like a pedophile to me.

Ten of the most coveted movies of 2011

The year 2011 saw the release of so many sequels that it was really hard to keep track of what to watch and what to wait for. The year truly was a treasure for those who are die-hard fans of movie saga’s. I have compiled for you a list of movie that were most awaited for the year that just passed. although there were so many other release that year that were worth watching, I have enlisted the select few that actually had audience counting days, hours, minutes, and seconds before the cinema’s screened them. If you are as hard a movie fan as I am then I am sure that you must have seen more than ninety percent if not all the movies listed below. If not than here is your chance ont he best of the best. Watch and satiate your hunger for action packed motion pictures.


The movie that gave a boost to the careers of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson was due to release the first part of the last sequel. Yes the Twilight series which even gave an amazing success to the otherwise little known name of Stephanie Meyer has huge fan following. The first half of the last part (being produced in two parts because the last book in the series titled ” The Breaking Dawn” was too lengthy to compile into a single move without compromising on important details) was due to release in 2011 and release it did. The wait was finally over as fans got to see their favorite on-screen couple tie the knot and head over to the famous Isle Esme for a dreamy, romantic honeymoon. The movie was widely appreciated.

10 Most Bizarre-Looking Hat Designs

I am sure that you have all seen women wearing all kinds of hats and those who haven’t can take a glance at the movie called “Sex and the City” and can treat their eyes with hats of all shapes and sizes worn by none other than our very own Sarah Jessica Parker who plays the role of Carrie Bradshaw in the movie. Hats make a very classy style statement and I am sure we all remember Princess Diana used to wear one very often, and if there ever was an elegant lady, she was it. On the other hand though, there are some people or rather designers who take pride in designing hats that really (and I mean really) make a statement. And they do not even care whether the statement is a fashion statement or a fashion disaster. I have searched and searched to come with some of the weirdest design of hats that women from all over the world choose to wear, not only to support the designer, No! They wear it as an actual accessory and feel quite proud of themselves. Feast your eyes as you read on to find just how weird people can be!


One looks at this hat can disgust you enough to cause a weird sort of bowel movement. A question comes to my mind, who would ever, as in ever want to wear such a disaster of a thing over their head no matter how sunny it is. I would personally get caught dead wearing this and the cause of death might be utter embarrassment. I wonder what the designer was thinking when he designed this particular piece of crap (with all due respect). Who did he/she exactly have in mind? Voldemort’s wife perhaps?