Ten Unusual and Strange Weapons of Ancient Times

Mankind has always been very fascinated with weapons. Initially, they were meant to hunt but that soon transformed into means of killing fellow humans. We evolved and along with us the weapons did as well. Now we have weapons of such destructive power that it is not even easy to imagine. But where did it all begin from? When the weapons were first started to be used, they were not very sophisticated and that’s exactly what we plan on discussing in this article. Listed below are some of the most unusual weapons from ancient times and believe it or not, they were actually used. A few of them even made their way into the world we know but they are a million times more, well, deadly. Read on to find more on this topic.


This seriously reminds me of a baseball bat. This particular weapon was used by the Maori tribes in New Zealand. It was built from nephrite jade. It’s weird however that the tribes used this club for thrusting and not exactly swinging or smashing downward blows. They considered it to be a spiritual weapon and even thought that the mere had mana of its own. Mana is spiritual energy believed to be useful when performing magic. The clubs were a symbol of leadership and losing one of these was considered bad luck. Every effort was made to find the mere and return it to the owner.

Ten Awesome Zombie Depictions

Folks, you must be familiar with the entire concept of a zombie, the fact that they are undead and really can’t be killed. A zombie by simple definition is an animated corpse that has been brought back to life either by means of magic or some weird natural phenomenon. We have seen them in so many movies and the funny part is that they were supposed to be scary at a time, but now, now they are just zombies. Zombies have become a really popular concept with the movies. They are not on par with werewolves, vampires and other demons but they have managed to get a lot of movies under their belt and they are known as a species that can completely annihilate the human population. This article talks about the ten awesome appearances given to zombies over a period of time. Read on to find out more.


This particular zombie was seen in the movie called ‘Dawn of the Dead’ in the year 1978. The bald zombie has been seen on literally every poster that marketed the movie itself so it’s quite popular. The portrayal by this zombie is considered to be one of the most real depictions. What this means is that if we ever come across an actual zombie, Mr. Bald is almost exactly how it will act like. But let’s just hope we don’t have to fact them anytime soon now shall we?

Ten Unusual Disappearances and Crimes

We might not be aware of these unusual occurrences since we live on the moon and have nothing to do with a little planet that goes by the name of Earth. Around this planet, at many different times, people have strangely disappeared without a trace and have not been found ever since. Same has been the case with certain animals. We really couldn’t decide which story should deserve the number one spot so we’ll leave that up to you but rest assured that each and every story is very interesting. The ten following incidents defy human logic and understanding which makes it a very interesting read. These incidents make us wonder exactly how much there is that we do not know of; scary yet thought-provoking and interesting.


UFOs were reported in Texas in the year 1975. After the spotting, the locals found a mutilated calf in the middle of flattened crop circle. A few days before this incident, another UFO was spotted. This time the circle was of scorched wheat and there lying within it was a mutilated steer. Radiation levels at the sites were 0.5% higher than usual. It is nothing to panic about, but why the radiation was higher and what flattened the crop and what scorched the wheat is still unknown.

Ten Weird Units of Measurement

We are familiar with different units of measurement and our mind accepts those because we have been using them for a long time. But let me tell you here that there are still many units that we do not know of and then there’s a category full of units that are extremely weird to begin with that it is not even funny. Some of the units that you read in this article will probably have you laughing and the others will make you ask yourself on thing – Why? I am sure you probably never knew of these units.


This is one weird unit of measurement. The unit measures area and it was and still is used by the Russians. Russia as you know still is a very large country and they don’t really tell the area in digits. They rather go with the term ‘two France’ which translates into ‘twice the size of France’. Although it might not be that accurate but it gives you the idea. Any other application of this particular unit has not been reported as of yet but either way it is a unit.

Ten of the Weirdest Tattoo’s

Having a tattoo done on your body is becoming increasingly popular these days. We see so many people walking around with daredevil tattoos like for example a tattoo on the ankle. They say it hurts like hell. Or perhaps a tattoo on the skill it self, that must hurt a lot even from the point of view of an inexperienced person. But oh well, what you see walking around you won’t see in this list, because what we have gathered for you is a list of the weirdest tattoos in the world. They might make you laugh or simply question the mental well-being of the person himself/herself. Feast your eyes people on something you might never have seen before.


People have been known to cross over to the crazy world and get tattoo’s in places but having a tattoo on one’s palate has to be one of dumbest things. Needless to say it is very daring as well. The person seen in the picture above is a user of DME and is known as Gnomoweb. He is seen having a star-shaped tattoo etched onto his palate. There are very few people in the world who have been known to have gone this far in their dream to have a unique tattoo. To us this seems like pushing the limits.

Ten Bizarre Wars in Human History

I consider myself very lucky to have never witnessed a war. I have heard stories and I have read about them and they are frightening. You must be surprised to know however, that during the course of history, wars were not only fought to conquer lands and nations. They were fought over much smaller things and really petty issues. We are lucky these sort of wars are no longer fought because if that were the case, they world would probably have ended a long time ago and I wouldn’t be sitting here writing about them. Back in those days the weapons were not as deadly which is why I believe that if the situation was repeated in this era, things would be a lot worse.


The war lasted ninety-eight years from 1883 to 1981. There were no casualties. Spaniards were infuriated when they heard that the Spanish King was insulted on the streets of Paris and as a result a war was declared on France and not a single shot was fired during this period. In 1976, the Spanish king visited France again and this time he was treated with respect. In the light of this new happening, the war was called off. Talk about a grand wastage of time.

Ten Real-Life Werewolves in Human History

Let’s admit that we’ve all heard stories about werewolves and have been scared breathless in our childhoods. Now that we are all grown up we know they don’t exist but we have seen then in movies, read novels about them. They are pretty cool. I believe that humans tend to be very ignorant at times and we simply deny the existence of things that our mind cannot comprehend. Same is the case with werewolves. Just because the entire phenomenon seems a bit farfetched and we haven’t seen them with our own eyes, we blindly trust that these creatures do not exist. But are we doing the right thing in trusting that? Read on to find out.


In the sixteenth century, in a town of Dole, the residents were permitted to hunt and kill the werewolf that had been haunting the village. A group of villagers, walking in the forest, heard the screams of a little child. Upon arriving at the source of the screams, the villagers witnessed a child trying to fend off a monstrous wolf, later identified as Gilles Garnier. He confessed of being a werewolf and was later burnt.