10 Strangest Houses of All Time

We have seen a lot of different colored houses and architectures that made us say “What the hell were they thinking?” Most of these architectures are  funny or are poorly painted or perhaps just odd. But when you look at the collection of houses we have gathered for you from around the world, you will be truly amazed. We bring to you houses with some of the strangest structures possible on the planet.


This house is in Mornington, Peninsula, Australia and was built by McBride Charles Ryan and it was named as the ‘World’s Best House in 2009‘. The house is based on the concept of Klein Bottle which basically means to invert a cylinder into itself which thus creates an unusual spiral form. This means the interior of the house is the exterior and the exterior is the interior. A courtyard is present right in the middle of the house so that wind can pass through it with ease. Genius work I must say!

Top Ten Eccentric and Unique Organisms

When someone says the word ‘organisms’, what comes to your mind? Better yet, living organisms? A whole list of things crawl through our minds ranging from small insects to lions and elephants to cats and dogs. There are different categories that come to our minds as well for example, aquatic, docile, wild, carnivorous, herbivorous organisms and etc. We as humans tend to be very ignorant and ignore the ‘not-so-obvious’ details on a daily basis. There are a million things that we do not know of yet and there a million organisms that do exist but we are unaware. This article talks about some weird eccentric organisms that you probably never heard of before and each one of these creatures is very interesting and unique.


Sea Pigs are creatures that are said to be related to sea cucumbers. These organisms are about four inches in length and have about ten tentacles. They don’t exactly swim but rather walk on the ocean floor with the help of their tub like feet. They detect food by its scent. They were named ‘sea pigs’ because of their pinkish skin color highly resembling the pig that we know of. They eat organic particles trapped in the mud which they scrape off with their tentacles.

Ten Cryptids That Were Proven False

Cryptids are either plants or animals whose existence has been suggested but is still to be proven scientifically. A lot of these creatures are under debate to this date and the most noticeable example would be the ‘big foot’ or ‘sasquatch’. There are also those whose existence has been proven for example an okapi. Most of them however, have been proven fake. In this article I will discuss ten of those Cryptids who have been totally denied by science so you can read on and rest assured that these creatures (plants or animals) do not exist in real life.

10. RODS

Rods are something that can exist only in pictures and videos. They are pictures taken of insect flying around really fast at night and therefore the camera can’t capture them properly, displaying them as rods. These pictures and videos put us ‘petit-minded’ humans in a frenzy to discover these ‘aliens’ for real. Much to our disappointment, the rods were associated with the camera not long after the question of their existence was first addressed. Oh how we are fascinated by supernatural phenomenons.

Ten Strange Forests of the World

I have always been very attracted by forests; all the greenery and the curiosity for the creatures that might dwell in them. Forests cover around 9.4% of the Earth’s surface. It’s fast shrinking of course because of all the deforestation. There were times when the forests covered around 50% of the surface so it’s a shame really. Most of the people around the world haven’t had the unique experience to be able to go inside a forest and see what it is like, I mean sure we have seen lengthy documentaries on television but that isn’t that same now is it. This article covers some of the strangest forests around the world.


This particular forest can be found in the Bay of Bengal. Almost the entire Island is covered with trees. The total area covered by the trees is around 72 square kilometers. The trees are very old. Interestingly, a tribe called Sentinelese lives here with around 50 to 400 individuals and considering the fact that the island is completely isolated, that is saying something. It will be an interesting experience to visit the forest/island, although reaching there might still be a problem.

Ten Most Evil Children in History of Fiction

It is true that fictions have nothing to do with reality but that doesn’t stop them from being interesting whether it’s a book or a movie. Rather, the most interesting stories or movies I’ve read and seen respectively were fiction. Most of the times in every story or a movie there is a villain and a hero and while we are always rooting for the hero, if the villain is anywhere near cool, we tend to drool over him. This list follows the ten most evil children in the world of fiction. You will not believe some of the characters discussed in this article so give it a read and find out. To make it a tad bit more interesting, just imagine these characters actually exist in the real world.


When I look at this character it reminds of the Dragon Ball Z’s characters. I totally despise the way they look and therefore I am not a very big fan of this guy as well. Anyway, Tetsuo began from a bike gang that he made with his friends. All of sudden, he found these strange super powers that turned him into a God (metaphorically). Tetsuo finally turns into a monster because these scientists keep performing weird experiments with his brain. He also kills one of his friends Kairi. Tetsuo is a character from Akira.

Top Ten Best PC Games of All Times

The simple old-fashioned PC has taken a back seat since the era of consoles and Xbox’s and Play stations having taken the reign into their hands. But there is something about PC action games that is more involving and most exciting. I know for a fact that a majority of people specially those glued onto their play stations might strongly disagree but i respectfully beg to differ. Never the less I am sure that PC games are not dead, No sir! So for old times sakes here is a list that I compiled of some of the hottest PC action games of all times. Some of you might think otherwise but oh well!


The Age of Empires : Age of Kings that released in 1999 has to be one of the best RTS games out there. The game managed to balance such a wide variety of civilizations that the whole generation of RTS games cannot out bid them. This has to be one the most enjoyable games ever although one needs to get used to the rock-paper-scissor model of the game and the old historical setting but the pros and cons of the different civilizations keep you so involved that there is no other game like it.

10 Most Coveted Celebrity Perfumes

Be it a guy or a girl, a woman or man, a corporate office or a graduate school, perfumes are always in demand and a useful fashion accessory. It is something that becomes a signature style for a particular person. How many times has it happened to you that someones passes by and you recognize a scent and associate it with one of your friends, or a loved one? It is solely because that particular scent is their signature. Celebrities being aware of the usefulness and the demand of perfumes, found out a new way of earning. Nearly every well-known celebrity came out with a line of perfumes and it is not surprising to notice that most of these celebrities were females. Although men are also fond of perfumes and to some it’s an addiction but generally it’s the women who are more keen of purchasing them. Thus we bring to you a list of A-list perfumes by celebrities that are in demand all over the world. Their scent is truly scintillating.


She is one pop star who has rushed through the ladder of success to reach to the top. Her perfume that is supposed to make you feel like a queen, is exquisitely enveloped in black lace which highlights the new style. A style that speaks of emphasized sexuality. The perfume bottle is shaped like the very curvature of a true woman’s body and there was no better decanter in which to put this perfume. A perfume that is a scintillating and enticing blend of tropical fruits and vintage florals like jasmine. The perfume also has a sensual base added by light notes of musk and sandalwood.