Ten sure shot Excercises for Flat Abs

When we look at models and actors on the TV we often get amazed by the amazing toning that they have maintained. It is not as if they do not eat like normal human beings, the only difference is that they train and train hard. They have professional trainers who help them sculpt their bodies into the perfect shape that one can only dream of. The most difficult part of the body is the core, in other words, it is the stomach area. For many having tight flat abs is still a far-fetched dream. Well you need not wait any longer because we bring to the list of ten top exercises recommended by professional trainers around the world. It is guaranteed that following these exercises for a month will give you abs that would shock your friends. So please start noting down as we tell.


For this pose, you need to lie straight down on the floor (face facing down) and your palms should be near your chest. You then begin to slowly lift your face, your shoulders, and your chest off the floor and remember that your shoulder blades should be pushing downwards. Hold this pose for around 2 full counts and then lower back down. This pose will make you feel a stretch in your ribcage that feels very welcoming and relaxing at the same time. You can make the exercise tougher by trying to lift your legs and thighs when you lift your chest up.

Ten Awesome Food Items to Make You Happy

Are you a fan of eating? I know I am. Well, what if we told you about food that tends to make you happier? Wouldn’t that be awesome? There’s many times during a day that we go through bad mood and we usually eat when we are in a bad mood or are bored and mostly it’s junk food. Junk food tends to deteriorate one over a period of time so let’s put that aside for now. Here are ten different food items you can eat to make yourself happy even when you’re in the worst of your moods. The following list of foods can also help you when you’re bored so make sure you stock them really well in your homes.


This vegetable is not very commonly used in fact I have never eaten it myself. The Swiss chard contains high levels of Magnesium. Magnesium is a nutrient that helps in increasing the energy levels of your body and that tends to freshen you up. Also, according to different studies, lower levels of Magnesium were associated with higher levels of depression.

Top Ten Gangster Females of the World

Remember the movie Godfather that was based on a novel by the same name? And the character itself “Godfather”, was a highly iconic character. But do not limit your brains to the prospect of Godfathers only. Yes! there exist Godmothers as well. Women with knuckles of steel that can apparently beat the hell out of you. We are talking about real life and not movie life female mob bosses and gangsters, women that most men would die at the sight off and no, not because they are drop dead gorgeous but just because they are that harmful and ruthless. Read below to find out the ten women who are still considered some of the most terrifying females in the world.


In between the years 1931 to 1934, a couple by the name Bonnie and Clyde became very famous as outlaws. They committed crimes in the United States. It is rumored that Bonnie fell in love with Clyde on sight and then joined his gang on the road. They made headlines all over the country and stayed on the wanted list for a long time. Bonnie was an accomplice to everything that Clyde did but they were known for their politeness. Well it’s not unusual to find a few decent gangsters now is it.

Ten Gadgets that Changed Our Lives

We are living in the digital era. Those of you who say that you can live a day without modern-day technology, you know you are not be completely honest. As of now, we are so dependent on our tiny little gadgets that it is near impossible to spend a day without those, at least comfortably or with as much productivity. For me, internet and mobile are two very important attributes if you consider spending twenty-four hours. Imagine what you would do if you didn’t have internet or your mobile for one entire day. The world is progressing so fast these days that it is has become hard to keep up with it and therefore the use of gadgets and technology has become really necessary. This article talks about the ten gadgets that made the big difference in our lives and how we lived them. Read on to find out more.


This little gadget created a path to the 3DS and the PlayStation Vita and PSP. It made our travelling a hell of lot easier. The graphics of course were nothing compared to what we have now, but well what do you expect from the first of its kind? Nevertheless, Nintendo Gameboy is something that brightened our lives in many ways.

10 Most Coveted Celebrity Breakups

Perhaps the only indication of these famous celebrities and stars belonging to the world of normal human beings is the fact that they have relationships that end up publicly and badly. So they aren’t these little angels that do not have even a single sad glitch in their lives and it isn’t as if their lives are as perfect and as smooth as satin. That being said, we bring to you ten of the most coveted celebrity breakups. Please do not get us wrong. In no way do we imply that the breakups of celebrities are events that entice us and that we have a fairly morbid sense of humor. It is just that having a breakup is what normal people go through, and when we hear of our hot-shot stars going through the same feelings, it develops a connection. No doubt some of these breakups were really heart breaking but then that’s life.


Ladies who do not adore Jude Law and think he isn’t totally smoking hot, please raise your hands. Oh we see only a few and those too might belong to girls who are jealous of Sienna Miller. Well curse no more ladies because the duo is together no more. Apparently Jude Law was having an affair with their children nanny and got caught. The weird thing is that Sienna did not kick him out immediately and stayed put for another four months. Wonder what that was all about.

10 of the Most Exotic But Deadly Flowers in the World

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Whether its a condolence bouquet, a rose to say whatever is there in your heart, a bunch of flowers to say thank you, the list of uses for these pretty little things is endless. Also, when ever we go out on a hiking trip or a picnic, the attraction of the flowers compels the on looker. However, some of these flowers are like a sharp dagger dipped in honey. Yes, exactly, not all flowers are meant to simply look pretty and have butterflies sit on them. Some are known to be so dangerous that they actually end up killing people. And if death is not the fate then going into coma, seizures, and different kinds of attacks is a certain possibility. So we have compiled for you a list of flowers that by no means qualify as gift or a giveaway present


True that opium is known as the famous drug heroine but it is the same plant that produces this pretty flower. It is this flower alkaloid that is further processed to make the drug. This plant is cultivated in a lot places and this has been going on for quite a number of years. The drug itself may not cause immediate death unless consumed in very high doses but the latex of the plant is very dangerous. It can lead the person into coma and even cause the failure of the heart and complete collapse of the lungs. In some parts of the world it is still used as a drug to cure sleeplessness.

10 of the World’s Most Amazing Building Architectures

Have you ever really glimpsed at the buildings that flash by you when ever you are out and about on the road, or when you go on train journey? Have you actually ever paid attention to the way the building structures have been constructed? Most probably the answer from most of the readers will be negative, the reason being that the usual road side structures might not be that awe-inspiring. Well may be not exactly where you live, but trust us! Gone are the  days when buildings used to be just that. These days the level of architecture, the concept and the idea behind it, and the whole look has taken on a new level. They scream of the immense capability and sheer genuineness of the human brain and why not! When you browse through the list below, you will see architectural breakthroughs that will numb your mind such is the grandeur and sometimes the uniqueness! Read on to find out more.


Created by Piet Blom these houses were based on the idea of an abstract forest thereby, each cubicle house represents a tree. He was asked by the city of Rotterdam that a housing complex needs to be created on a pedestrian bridge and that is when he came up with this unique idea. The idea originally began in 1970s in Helmond. Piet Blom then re-constructed it in the Netherlands.