Ten of the most Beautiful Ancient Gardens of the World

There is perhaps nothing more pleasant to the senses than to sit in a garden filled with the greenest of greens; to see flower beds that present an array of colors so varied that one can easily get lost; to hear sound of birds around you; in short nature at the peak of its glory. Just to be there and to absorb the entirety of it, to feel the serene silence is a treat to dive into. Read on to find out about some of the most astounding natural and ancient gardens in the world restored in top notch state waiting to be toured.


The Viceroy’s Palace Garden in India is one of the most beautiful gardens of the country. It has a vast span of formal gardens with extensively designed landscapes that are a treat for the eyes. The impressive thing about the landscapes is the fact that they are not depictive of the Mughal or British style of gardening. They represent a modernistic vision which is pretty advanced for gardens that old. Covered in vast flowery areas and delicate lanes of grass separated with  fountains, they present a wonderful scene to the onlooker.

Top Ten Customized Posh Cars of Celebrities

Hollywood celebrities might not be that famous for their super hit movies that rock the world, they might not be that famous for the billion bucks that they earn, the private jets that they own, or their villa’s in scenic locations. But when they spend their big bucks on rides as posh as Maybachs, as sleek as the much touted Veyron, or the massive Bentley, the world automatically takes notice. We compiled for you a list of the most expensive and customized celebrity cars that you have ever laid eyes on. Although these babies do not need words or even any description as one look is more than enough to hold the eyes but nevertheless. If nothing else, then it is these cars that will make you green with envy. In the words of the jealous many, these stars, they have it all.


The fact that Kurt Cobain killed himself a month after Justin Bieber was born and also the bitter truth that most of the people who hear him sing for the first time mistake him for a woman, are nothing as compared to the fact the Justin owns a West coasts custom Cadillac CTS-V coupe. It is matte black and that too with the darkest pigmentation possible. The ride has super thin Asanti wheels and appears to have been inspired by the Batmobile (this explains the stickers on it). We are sure that as long as Selena Gomez gets to ride in this devil of a car she would never mind if Justin actually turns out to be a woman. No pun intended obviously!

Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs You Need To Know

Occupational pressures are a pain in the butt; pardon me for being so direct, but in today’s developing economy many of us who are responsible for earning for his or her family, have experienced discomfort and stress at times, especially on the job. You come home grumbling because some of your buddies aren’t lifting a finger at work and are muddled in easy wealth. Well there could be two reasons for that, either they are very good at the job or they have a job which is less stressful. The latter is more evident, because not everybody is a living genius. Today we are going to rate jobs according to its stress factor; in other words we highlight jobs which give you the least amount of stress.

10. Linguist

Linguist is the one who is well versed in many languages, he is more skilled than a common language interpreter or a boring translator. He studies the language profoundly until there is no syllable left untouched or a word that needs caring. I once had a teacher who was skilled in 12 languages; the guy was a walking verbal map! This job is like swatting away flies and waiting for them to return so that you can finally paste them to your desk. There is no physical activity or whatsoever, no work done, because you just sit there and pronounce “anger management” to the others. He or she loves to do the job, because it’s not easy to be a linguist that quickly. Clearly, a stress free job

Top 10 Most Prolific Murderesses

Remind me again that I am going to blab here about your worst, next door neighbor’s X rated DVDs, but guys jump out of all that fiction, the high feature serial killers we see on TV are not just on film, they exist in reality as well. I mean there have been some men and women who wanted blood or revenge for quite some time now, but the point here is not just that they were murderers, they were some who made it into history books as widely notorious beings, or some only killed twice but the methods used were an invention. This selected bunch (particularly women) created another balance in the dictionary of killings; they were like the holy giants being punished not just for their pious tongues but for their ways of playing noodles with the human anatomy.

10. Waltraud Wagner

She belonged to a team of nurses who had this interest of giving you more than you needed, isn’t this very humane and so much of a positive attitude, after all, nurses have the reputation of being clean, extremely polite, and quick acting on their job. Were you left to decay on your bed, and you called for your nurse and she didn’t turn up? Well this one did turn up, and she made sure you got your medicine on time and gave you more than you needed. Waltraud was a nurse until people in her care started dying one by one, in a very precise sequence. She was responsible for these deaths due to prearranged drug overdoses and other unmentionable means at the Lainz hospital in the 1980s. She was sentenced for life and charged for 15+17 counts of murder. We couldn’t do the math even, add the numbers and curse her soul once again. Who dies of common cold?

10 Interior Decoration DIY Ideas Your Wallet will Love

Interior Decoration is one of the most progressive fields of the modern age. Nearly every arts college or university is handing out degrees in Interior Decoration to budding young professionals and amazingly enough the young people are doing wonders. Interior decoration is more dependent on one’s aesthetic sense rather than anything else. In all of those big beautiful hotel lobbies, ball rooms, in conference halls, on wedding receptions we see various vases, lights, painted pots, beautiful frames (with or even without pictures), gorgeous lighting in awe inspiring arrangements. The setup boggles the mind. Due to the attention that people are paying to this particular field, a lot of new shops have opened up everywhere and even online simply catering to the needs. A visit to such stores will make you realize how expensive it is to stock up on decor items specially those that have a vintage feel to them. We have seen various lighting fixtures that cost a fortune and beautiful vases that look as if they have been picked directly from some golden era. We have compiled for you a list of ten decor ideas that will spruce up your space as well as going easy on your wallet. And yes! they look gorgeous no matter where and how you place them. The best thing about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects is their affordability and ease of making.


The diagram depicts the finished product which looks like a lighting structure that has been bought from a high priced store. The beautiful intricate pattern on the bulb looks beautiful and if such a structure hangs in the right place with the proper exposure, it can look totally pretty. Well the important thing here is the fact that this gorgeous little decor item is amazingly easy to make. Remember how we throw away those used bulbs in the house and how we have those extra bits and pieces of lace lying around from various other projects. All you need to do is to wrap the lace around the bulb and then spray paint it in the color of your choice and TA DA! There you have. Just leave it out to dry, make a few more and hang them together in a prominent corner and enjoy the praise.

Ten Celebrities with the Extremely Gross Hygiene Practices

Alright, so we get that they are celebrities, we understand that their way of life is something that we dream of, and okay, we admit they get paid an amount that we can only imagine unless of course we end up being celebrities ourselves, but just because they are celebrities they can’t get away if they do not even use body sprays and deodorants. They are humans beings after all aren’t they? So we think they should occasionally perform the act of standing underneath (or sitting for all we care) a shower of water and take what we normal down-to-earth, marginally paid human beings call a bath! Come to think of it, how many celebrities have you admired and how many do you think are hygienically acceptable. No people, do not believe everything you see in the movies. Do you really think that the gelled back hair of most of them are actually gelled back or are they just greasy? Does a star purposefully get the out-of-bed look or is it just the way they are? Read on to find out the most grossing hygienic facts about some of your favorite movie people.


Perhaps Gladiator did not do enough business so as to leave poor Russell with a little money with which to buy anti-prespirants and body sprays. Or perhaps he is in the dark about a product called a perfume! According to his co-stars Mr Crowe has a body odor problem so strong that people prefer sitting down wind of him on gigs and shows. Isn’t that supposed to be a wake up call? Apparently not!

Ten Most Bizzare Backstage Demands by Celebrities

All of us think that celebrities are these high profile out of this world people with amazingly posh life styles. We idealize their ultra modern homes and their world tours which sound larger than life. Have you ever wondered what life backstage might be like? These celebrities always keep whining about the long hours at the shooting sights, lack of proper food, sleep deprivation while working and what not. Well surely none of us dream of living endless days being short of sleep with pebbles to eat and the floor to sleep on. Read on to find out some of the most outrageous back stage demands that celebrities have these day and never again would you believe a word coming out of their pretty faces about woes of the backstage.

10. COOL J

Ladies Love Cool James!! Cool J? Sounds familiar? He is an entrepreneur actor from Bay shore, New York pretty famous for pioneering hip-hop such as “I can’t live without my radio” and “Mama said knock you out”. He has appeared on many films and currently stars as NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna on the CBS crime drama television series NCIS: Los Angeles. Any guesses for what his backstage demands are? Well let us add to your knowledge. Get this, the star wants 24 long stemmed roses and small (yeah small!!) bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby oil and his game is on, as in literally. And that is so not all. He has food days so if its Tuesday its only Spaghetti, Wednesdays only beef, and Tex-Mex Thursdays.. Well Hurrah to that!! Not something to whine about now is it!!