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If you have recently graduated or are looking for a University in the United States to carry on with your higher studies, we strongly recommend that before making your final decision go through the following list at least once. We are sure that this list will put some thoughts in your mind and each of the following will tempt you to enroll with one of them. Following is a list of the top ten hottest universities in the United States in terms of girls, party and friends.


This university is a host to almost 30,000 under-graduates and according to the students, if you choose; you can have fun with a different student every day. With a vast variety of students, you have a lot of different choices in both girls and the guys. This coming from the students themselves, ‘there are a lot of cuties on the campus.’ The name of this university proudly shows up when it comes to party-stories and spice about girls. So if you are applying in this university or are already a part of it, consider yourself lucky.