10 Hottest Female Villains

There is something about male villains that makes us hate them. Whenever there is a scene where the male villain is kicking someone else and beating the shit out of them, we are silently (and sometimes even out loud) cursing them. But when it is a female villain instead we are all eyes and ears. It always is a sight to behold. And yes feel free to believe that the producers and directors are perhaps biased because not as much attention is paid to detail when it comes to a male villain. With female villains however, it is the complete opposite. Scroll down and you will get the proof that you are looking for.


Demi Moore is one hot-shot actress and all that you ever want to know why she is on this list is completely engraved into this one picture. She appeared as Madison Lee in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

10 Mistakes to Make Before You Die

So they say that life is very short and that we should live it fully and make all the mistakes that we want to make because sooner or later it is all going to end. So that is quite a depressing thought but feel the depression fading away as you read the article! I have selected for you, some of the mistakes that you should make before you die, because life is all about living each and every moment to the full extent possible. So feel free to try these all out and gather the resultant joy!


This is one major bad advice coming up girls! Or even boys for that matter. See the thing is that since you are eventually going to die, why not try some of the unforgivable and insane things that have we have always been told are bad for us! Like pulling a one night stand for example. You need not do something in the very extreme but do flirt your heart out with the next guy or girl that you see and whom you fancy and then there should be no stopping you. This of course only if you are not treading on anyone’s heart-strings, not even your own! I hope I made this very clear! The rules need to be followed even when making mistakes!

10 Facts About Che Guevara

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara was born on the 14th June in 1928. He is more commonly known as el Che or Che. He was a revolutionary, physician, author, intellectual, guerrilla leader, diplomat and a military theorist. He is hated by many and he is loved by many as well and a major figure of the Cuban Revolution. Today he is even remembered as the biggest commercial success. Many also refer to him as the most brutal murderer ever. No matter which corner of the world you go to, they will know of Che Guevara. Not a  lot of people, however, ‘know’ Che Guevara and even less know the facts that I am about to mention, so read on.


This particular name ‘Che Guevara’ incites love or hate. This name is a synonym to freedom fighting for some while for others it is an equivalent to butchery. What most of you probably do not know is that his real name was Ernesto Lynch. This name doesn’t really have the same impact as Che Guevara now does it? There was nothing very strong or powerful about his original name however the name that caught on is a completely different story.

10 of the hottest hunks in Sports

When names like David Beckham,Christiano Ronaldo and Tom Brady cross our minds, the words steamy, hot, attractive, muscle man also cross our minds. And I am talking about men as well as women when I say this. Why is that so?  The simple reason is that they make women swoon at the mere sight them, and yes also the fact that they are pretty good at what ever sport they play. So we can easily say that they are seriously hot! This lists brings to you the most attractive men in sports be it soccer, hockey, baseball, football, tennis, ice-hockey, or Nascar. They hail from across the world and we love them! So here goes ladies, please hold your hearts in your hands before they slip out!


How many men have regretted the fact that their ladies are even greater fans of the Yankees then themselves? How many men have regretted taking their significant others (be it male or female) to the Yankees game with them? Have you ever wondered why? Why they so love the Yankees or the face of the Yankees. Yes I am talking about the guy with the tight pants and the amazing smile, I am talking about Derek Jeter. Nothing but him can make them go gaga about the Yankees and make their guy feel green with envy!

10 sure shot ways to ruin an Interview

A lot of us have been through the tough routine of looking for a job. It begins with marking job vacancies in the newspaper and sending out your resume’s to what seems to be every organization in the world. After doing that begins the even more testing process of waiting for a call back. This can include pacing back and forth in your house lobby, the kitchen, or even your room if you do not want you parents to have a heart because apparently you are so unwanted in the market despite the bucks they spent on your education. If not that, then maybe this waiting time spent in gossiping and saying mean words about the jo market to your equally un-employed friends when one lucky day you find a call back letter in your mail. You jump with joy, ecstatic at getting an opportunity to show the world what you are. But wait, there are somethings that will land you empty-handed despite the interview, and just so everyone is prepared, I’m jotting them down in a list! Read it through and you shall be grateful I bet!


Unlike what our sweet little brains tell us, the employers are normally looking for people who are reliable, people who won’t complain about every damn thing that crosses their way, and certainly for people who know that what ever they attempt to do, they will be faced with at least a few hurdles, so yes! If you begin your interview with a hoard of complaints about how the parking was so clustered it took you ten minutes to actually find a spot, or the directions to the place were so messed up you lost an hour just moving on the roads, you might as well be saying “Thank you, I do not want this job’ because honestly, they do not give a shit about all of that!

10 Facts about Beer and Wine

There are so many different things associated with beer and wine. Many take them because they think they are beneficial to health. There are people who absolutely hate the taste. Then there are people who do not like to drink alcohol and there are some whose religion does not allow them alcohol. But these alcoholic drinks are one of the best creations of humans, there is absolutely no doubt about that and I am sure you will agree with me. You must have heard a lot about these drinks, but what I am about to mention on this list is probably something you never heard of. Following are the ten facts about wine and beer that might interest you.


This is one of the facts you probably already know about wines. In a study that was conducted over a period of ten years has proven that the ‘Red Wine’ is actually quite beneficial to your health. It helps your heart because of the antioxidant properties of Red Wine. It can also assist in the cure of neurological disorders and can also help in preventing many cancers. But please, do not over-consume. If you need maximum benefits two glasses of wine for men and one glass for women everyday is a healthy number.

10 things usually found in a Women’s purse!

We have all seen women carrying a huge purse along with themselves and being tiny little fragile human beings that they are, men are always wondering what they carry inside these bags. They assume it must be filled with a lot of junk that is completely unnecessary and certainly for people who carry around all their personal effects in their little wallet (the thinner the better) it certainly must be mind-boggling as to what a women carries around in that tote! Well to ease the discomfort and to put at rest all kinds of theories about women’s purses, here is a list that divulges all the information there is to know! Go through this and find out that women carry around their lives where ever they go, proudly!


So the thing that almost all the ladies have in their bags, is a tiny little make up kit. It actually varies from woman to woman depending on how much makeup they wear in their everyday life and how prone they are to makeup brands. So based on this, the makeup kit can be a little coin clutch filled with a lip gloss or two or it can be another small bag filled with everything from a lipgloss to primers and foundations and bronzers. Some women have more than one beauty bags as well and like I said before, it all depends on what their personal preference are!