10 Awesome Tattoos Guys should Get

To be honest, I am not really a big fan of tattoos and to go through such extreme levels of pain to get something I don’t like to begin with is something I’m really not interested in and another reason being that I do not want to pay someone to physically hurt me and then scar my body for life. Well, that still doesn’t make these tattoo things from looking cool till a certain level. Of course, people don’t really understand when to stop and they end up covering all or most of their body which I think is not cool. But, read on and find out about ten of the most amazing tattoos you should consider, if at all you are thinking of getting a tattoo.


I know it looks a little weird to have cute little bird tattooed on your body. If you are a sailor and you have travelled around 5,000 miles on the sea, you probably have one of these because that’s what sailors do usually. If you have 10,000 miles, you probably have two on either side of the chest. These are usually done in the color blue and both the birds face each other. Jay Popoff and Shifty Shellshock have one and it really doesn’t look that bad. You don’t have to have the bird looking all happy. You can get the artist to make it really mean looking too.

10 Reasons to Embrace Poverty

Ever since we are born, we are programmed to strive to achieve certain things in our lives. We, as humans, are governed by social status and wealth. It happens naturally that you are good at some sport, or some sort of art, or you inherit a lot of health or you have gorgeous looks. But what if that doesn’t happen? That definitely isn’t your fault is it? Even still, you work hard, you save up and what do you get after thirty years; a wife, a couple of children, a leased out house and overdue credit card payments. But all of that doesn’t matter as long your house is bigger than what your parents had. But did you really live your life? I think not and you are welcome to differ from this opinion. Therefore, I shall present you with ten reasons why you should through this ‘idea’ away and embrace poverty.


This is a simple one; if you plan to embrace poverty and live on the streets the first and foremost benefit would be “no work”. That, fortunately, also means that you will have no workload and in turn no stress. No stress means a healthier lifestyle and that means no going to the doctor which in turn will save your money. No job means no money, and that means no house, no car, no yard and that also means, no paying the mortgage to the house, no cleaning and maintaining the car and no mowing the yard. Seriously, doesn’t that sound good?

Top 10 Places to Lose Your Keys

It happens to nearly all of us that sometimes we just cannot figure out where we left that particular key set of ours. Has it ever happened to you that you went out with your house keys in your hands and when you returned you just couldn’t find them anywhere? Or perhaps you might have been in a situation where you are getting late for a party and you just cannot find the car keys. It is one of the most annoying things to ever happen to anyone and since having personally experienced it, I can say with utmost surety that it is not something one really admires rather it just makes your skin crawl with the anxiety that you might have actually lost them! I have compiled a list of the most likely places where you might lose your keys. This list might come as a handy checklist the next time you are in the middle of a search!


You know how sometimes you look for something in the same place for like a gazillion times but you cannot find it but then all of a sudden it is just lying there. I would be lying if I say that the prospect of tiny little monsters messing with my stuff has never crossed my mind. Whenever I search for my stuff and cannot find it despite looking in the drawers a lot of times – and then I just find them lying on top of my stuff in one of the same drawers, I always think of “little devils” playing tricks. Jokes apart, drawers are one of the most common places to lose ones keys and they already contain so much stuff, it is easy to over look the item you are searching for.

Ten Fascinating Birth Tales

I hope all of you can relate this particular topic to Christmas; with the virgin birth and all. This article talks about ten weird tales regarding birth. None of them even come close to the one I already mentioned but they definitely need to be discussed. You will be amazed by every following birth story, I know I was. You will not, however, find any birth with any physical anomalies. Listed below are ten unbelievable astonishing stories about child birth that made me wonder even though I am not exactly comfortable with the entire concept. It’s a beautiful miracle, no doubt, but I am not comfortable. Read on to find out more about these awesome stories.


Mia Washington had twins with her husband. The interesting bit however is that her husband is the father to only one. Her story is reported to be something like this. She became pregnant when fooling around with her husband or her lover. Soon afterwards she met another man and that resulted in the second egg being fertilized. The concept is known as heteropaternal superfecundation in the medical world and not a lot of cases exist of this kind. The father had to adopt the other son because he wasn’t biologically related to him. Such stories never cease to amaze me.

10 of the World’s best Hate-Gifts

There is always a time in life when you need to buy a present for a person that you hate with all your life. There will be that seasonal obligation to gift a person that gets on your nerves. A person that you cannot stand the mere sight off but yet you have to do what you have to do. Why, you might ask, why do I have to gift a person that I do not even like. Well get this punk, that person that you hate might be your boss, so then you certainly have to get him or her something otherwise it will only worsen your relationship. Or it can be that step parents or the mother-in-law (wonder why they always show up in haters lists) that you do not like! What will you do? You need to gift them. Or it can be that dear friend of your love that you hate from the core of your heart;you have to gift them so that you do not offend your one true love. Yes yes we know that life is a messy little biaach but hey, I have gathered for you a list of ideas for gifts to give to people you hate. So here goes the highly in-demand list of things to get them itching ride where they can’t reach. The list works on the principle “the strength of the itch is directly proportional to the distance of the reach, the higher the distance the stronger the itch”!Happy hating!


The first and the foremost will be the oldest and most used HATE gift in the world. Presenting “A subscription for the Magazine that your target hates the most”. What you can basically do is give them a fully paid monthly subscription and try to ensure that the subscription is not cancellable for at least a few months. You can add insult to the injury if for e.g. you have known your target to go on and on about how a certain race has messed up the whole neighbourhood , you can find out exactly what magazine favors these people a lot and then ensure that your target is on the mailing list. This will really spice up things and is sure to drive your target up the wall. Good for extreme pleasure.

Ten Clowns you should not Mess With

If you suffer from the fear of clowns (coulrophobia), you might want to stay clear of this topic. I hate clowns, I do not understand their point, and it’s not like I am afraid of them but I still find them creepy. The entire concept of clowns is a little weird to begin with and that strange make up on the face is just too much. They seem happy on the outside but it’s always as if there is something wrong with them on the inside. This article talks about ten different clowns whom I don’t think you should ever mess with. Not that you would ever get a chance, but still.


I am sure all of you know ‘The Simpsons’. This guy is character from the very same program. Every kid I have seen loves this guy. He is addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, Percodan, Pepto-Bismol and Xanax. As soon as the cameras stop shooting, he becomes depressed and that explains his addictions. He spends money as fast as anything and is shown to light his cigarettes with hundred dollar bills. He spends a lot of money on pornographic magazines and he loses a lot of money in gambling. A clown is not supposed to be this way and that’s exactly why Krusty has made it to the list. I would never feel safe if this sort of a clown is around me.

10 Things to do when you are Bored

It happens to all of that sometimes, for no apparent reason at all, we get so bored that it becomes a headache. Remember those times when you are sitting idle in the living room and you are not in the slightest of mood to watch the television, you do not feel like reading a book, or going out with friends, or being a saint and cleaning your room up, or at least a part of  your messy wardrobes. All of those when the brain keeps sending signals that “hey! man! you are bored” Sparta! So what do you usually do? Most of us, including myself I proudly admit, just doze off and wake up a good number of hours later. But the other unlucky population out there who cannot fall asleep at the mere mention of the word, need proper guidelines as to how they should spend that time or should I say, guidelines to PROPERLY waste the said time. Well do I have a list for all you folks out there. Read on to find out some of the most exciting things you can do with all of that boring time.

10. See how long you can hold a note

OK so the amusement potential that this little thing might have rounds to about 20 minutes at max. But it surely is a sure shot way to get a few laughs out of your otherwise boring existence. If you do this with a friend it might seem more amusing. What you need to do is to take a deep, very deep breath and make a noise. Hold this for as long as you can. You can start scoring by how long the original note is held and how funny the ending sound was. Seems pretty ridiculous but come on guys, try it!