10 Most Coveted Celebrity Perfumes

Be it a guy or a girl, a woman or man, a corporate office or a graduate school, perfumes are always in demand and a useful fashion accessory. It is something that becomes a signature style for a particular person. How many times has it happened to you that someones passes by and you recognize a scent and associate it with one of your friends, or a loved one? It is solely because that particular scent is their signature. Celebrities being aware of the usefulness and the demand of perfumes, found out a new way of earning. Nearly every well-known celebrity came out with a line of perfumes and it is not surprising to notice that most of these celebrities were females. Although men are also fond of perfumes and to some it’s an addiction but generally it’s the women who are more keen of purchasing them. Thus we bring to you a list of A-list perfumes by celebrities that are in demand all over the world. Their scent is truly scintillating.


She is one pop star who has rushed through the ladder of success to reach to the top. Her perfume that is supposed to make you feel like a queen, is exquisitely enveloped in black lace which highlights the new style. A style that speaks of emphasized sexuality. The perfume bottle is shaped like the very curvature of a true woman’s body and there was no better decanter in which to put this perfume. A perfume that is a scintillating and enticing blend of tropical fruits and vintage florals like jasmine. The perfume also has a sensual base added by light notes of musk and sandalwood.

Top Ten Gangster Females of the World

Remember the movie Godfather that was based on a novel by the same name? And the character itself “Godfather”, was a highly iconic character. But do not limit your brains to the prospect of Godfathers only. Yes! there exist Godmothers as well. Women with knuckles of steel that can apparently beat the hell out of you. We are talking about real life and not movie life female mob bosses and gangsters, women that most men would die at the sight off and no, not because they are drop dead gorgeous but just because they are that harmful and ruthless. Read below to find out the ten women who are still considered some of the most terrifying females in the world.


In between the years 1931 to 1934, a couple by the name Bonnie and Clyde became very famous as outlaws. They committed crimes in the United States. It is rumored that Bonnie fell in love with Clyde on sight and then joined his gang on the road. They made headlines all over the country and stayed on the wanted list for a long time. Bonnie was an accomplice to everything that Clyde did but they were known for their politeness. Well it’s not unusual to find a few decent gangsters now is it.

Top Ten Most Common Injuries Associated with Sports

Earlier we talked about how much you can earn if you are one of the best in sports. You can earn millions but that doesn’t come off for free. With sports, the prime association that comes to one’s mind is injuries. No matter what sport you think of, there will always be injuries, even golf, though it’s hard for me to believe that you can get injured while swinging; never happened to me. There have been cases where these injuries turn out to be fatal, but that’s the worst case scenario. This particular post discusses the most common injuries that are associated with different sports but there is no need to fret, even though these injuries are inevitable there always are ways to treat them. So this article does not in any way intend to demoralize you.


Achilles tendon is at the back of the ankle. If it is overused, it tends to inflame and that causes pain. This phenomenon is known as acute Achilles Tendinitis. If you leave this condition untreated, it will become worse and eventually make it impossible for you to run. This injury is experience by those who sportsman who frequently have to use their feet for running or jumping; so basically, almost all the sports.

Top Ten Highest Paid Athletes

Ever wondered exactly how much can you earn while if you are a good sportsman? Well, here’s a list of sportsmen who earn more than a lot of people can even dream of. The list comprises of two golfers, three soccer (football) players, two Basketball (NBA) players, a baseball player, an F1 racer and a legendary tennis player. So that basically makes an entire list of sports one could possibly want to play and these players are living proof that if you excel at your game, you will earn more than what is considered adequate in this world. The following list was released by Forbes so it you can believe the numbers without a second thought.


Lionel Messi is a soccer player for Barcelona and he made it to the tenth spot earning a whopping 32.3 million dollars. Now one thing you need to understand is that being the best soccer player doesn’t necessarily mean that you get to earn the highest. Messi is the third-highest paid soccer player and he earns about fifty percent of his money from the club, Barcelona and the rest comes from sponsors such as Pepsi, Adidas etc. He had a wonderful year; score 53 goals, won fifth La Liga title and third Champions league trophy and it all happened before his 24th Birthday.

10 of the Coolest Company Offices Ever!

vHave you ever imagined being your most productive self while sitting in an office building that resembles a police witness protection room or do you think you would reach a creative high if in a place that oozes organic freshness and color. A place that equips your mind to achieve its maximum potential, for your nerves to be in relaxation mode despite the work load. It comes as no surprise that big companies, specially tech intensive companies look forward to hiring competitive employees. To attract them they need to offer not just a handsome pay package but a place that not only matches up to the grandeur of a sky scrapper but also the perks of a lifetime hardwired into the very aesthetics of the place. Scroll below to find ten of the coolest most attractive headquarters in the world.


We have all seen and been impressed by The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, the animated films that were out of this world. That is the Pixar team for you. Looking at the picture above you see tiny miniature huts that are actual individual offices. The mere look of it has such a homely feel to it, something we are sure regular employees, would yearn for.

The Ten most Dangerous Jobs

Face it folks, in order to survive one must be employed and with every employment come health risks. These health risks can range from a headache to falling from height eventually resulting in death. Whatever the case may be, no job in the world is guaranteed to be safe and you do not have to be a genius to figure that out. This list is about the most dangerous jobs. If yours is one of these, we wouldn’t call you – unlucky, but we certainly would ask you to be careful. The list is basically judged on one criteria and that is the number of deaths per one thousand people employed in a specific profession.


The median annual salary of a construction worker is around $66,422 and the death rate is approximately 18.3 per 100,000 employed.

The reason why this job is considered this dangerous is that construction workers work in all sort of different terrains and there is no way they can possibly get out of working whether it’s at a height, slippery, rocky, or even busy highways. Moreover, construction workers often work with explosive materials (specially in the mountains) and power tools for drilling etc.

Top 10 Least Stressful Jobs You Need To Know

Occupational pressures are a pain in the butt; pardon me for being so direct, but in today’s developing economy many of us who are responsible for earning for his or her family, have experienced discomfort and stress at times, especially on the job. You come home grumbling because some of your buddies aren’t lifting a finger at work and are muddled in easy wealth. Well there could be two reasons for that, either they are very good at the job or they have a job which is less stressful. The latter is more evident, because not everybody is a living genius. Today we are going to rate jobs according to its stress factor; in other words we highlight jobs which give you the least amount of stress.

10. Linguist

Linguist is the one who is well versed in many languages, he is more skilled than a common language interpreter or a boring translator. He studies the language profoundly until there is no syllable left untouched or a word that needs caring. I once had a teacher who was skilled in 12 languages; the guy was a walking verbal map! This job is like swatting away flies and waiting for them to return so that you can finally paste them to your desk. There is no physical activity or whatsoever, no work done, because you just sit there and pronounce “anger management” to the others. He or she loves to do the job, because it’s not easy to be a linguist that quickly. Clearly, a stress free job