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Ever since we are born, we are programmed to strive to achieve certain things in our lives. We, as humans, are governed by social status and wealth. It happens naturally that you are good at some sport, or some sort of art, or you inherit a lot of health or you have gorgeous looks. But what if that doesn’t happen? That definitely isn’t your fault is it? Even still, you work hard, you save up and what do you get after thirty years; a wife, a couple of children, a leased out house and overdue credit card payments. But all of that doesn’t matter as long your house is bigger than what your parents had. But did you really live your life? I think not and you are welcome to differ from this opinion. Therefore, I shall present you with ten reasons why you should through this ‘idea’ away and embrace poverty.


This is a simple one; if you plan to embrace poverty and live on the streets the first and foremost benefit would be “no work”. That, fortunately, also means that you will have no workload and in turn no stress. No stress means a healthier lifestyle and that means no going to the doctor which in turn will save your money. No job means no money, and that means no house, no car, no yard and that also means, no paying the mortgage to the house, no cleaning and maintaining the car and no mowing the yard. Seriously, doesn’t that sound good?