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You remember how we talked about embracing poverty and forget about everything else? Well, this is much better. Folks, I am sure you know about the ancient ages. You must have read about it in ancient history or some subject like that and you must have thought like a billion times, rather, you must have thanked God a billion times for not being born in those times. Well, when I first read about those times, my reaction was the same, but then I got to thinking and that led to the making of this very list. Folks, this list presents ten different and very real reasons why we should go back to the ancient age or have it revived. Most of you would agree with me by the time you get to the end of the list so don’t give me and keep reading.


The taxes in those times fluctuated around ten percent and that is really great. These days, in most of the places, we have taxes going up to nineteen and even twenty percent. That is a lot for a lot of people who live in those lands. But of course, there is no check and balance to these things anymore. People are made to suffer and there’s pretty much nothing we can do about it.