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Remember how we discuss how much a certain actor or actress is earning? And how we get mesmerized over a young actor earning so much from their debut album, or debut song, or debut film? Well this list has been assembled just to make all the young ones (and even elders who aren’t earning as much) go green with jealousy over the fact that how much these young stars have earned. I did not really mean that because I am certainly not that rude but yes you might feel a certain level of envy after reading this article because for being tiny little people under twenty, they sure have earned a hefty amount for themselves! 


Do you guys remember Dakota Fanning who played Jane in the famous TWILIGHT series? Well it appears that she also has a sister. And all the while that I watched SUPER 8, i kept wondering where have i seen this girl! It is only when I read her name that I realized who she must be. Yes, she was Elle Fanning, Dakota’s younger sister. She has the enticing gorgeous looks of her elder sister and she has quite a number of magazine shoots to her name to date. For being as talented as she is, she collected a whooping $1.8 million for her Steven Spielberg film SUPER 8. She did good as an actress in that film, I was personally very impressed.