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I am not that big a fan of history or historical figures for that matter. I do read about them off and on though. Every historical figure has some million stories related to him or her. Now, we can’t be sure which one of those stories is actually true but there is no harm in discussing them is there? This list talks about ten famous historical figures and a scandal or controversy related to them. I find it quite interesting. It is up to you whether you believe in these scandals or not but rest assured that the things I am about to mention below are little known.


Adolf Hitler evaded tax. Recent research uncovered that he got out of paying 405,500 million Reichsmarks in tax back when he became the chancellor of Germany in 1934. He was forgiven for all this evasion of course. He was able to earn 1.2 million Reichsmarks for sales of Mein Kampf and got out of paying 600,000 Reichsmarks in tax.