10 Weirdest Trees in the World

As it is pretty evident from all the campaigns that focus on saving trees, they are a very important part of our atmosphere as well as our environment! Mathew Fox once said and I quote here that if you look closely at a tree than you will notice knobs and dead branches, along with green branches and leaves, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfections go together wonderfully!

It just teaches us something about life and that is what trees are all about. I personally adore nature and greenery and while surfing the net, I came across these weird but beautiful trees. So in this article I will be sharing some trees from all over the world that are simply gorgeous!


Axel Erlandson has a passion for sculpturing tress and this is what inspired him to open up a horticulture exhibit in 1947 located in Santa Cruz. This particular talent is known as Arbor Sculpture! He created many master pieces for example the Circus Tree which attracted a lot of attention from around the world! He used the technique to graft various living plants together to make up the structure. One particular structure that is quite famous is the Basket tree for which he had grafted sycamores together in 42 different connections. It is these connections that gave it the basket shape!

10 Crazy things about Science!

Science is a wonder on its own but then again, no matter how many scientist get born in this century and the next, it is impossible to explain or even understand each and everything related to science! Please read below to find out some of the craziest examples of how eye-brow raising science can be at times!


This is one of the most amazing science facts of all that I am sure you have not heard about. Did you know that there was a frog rain in London, Serbia, and India in the year 1998, 2005, and 2006 respectively? Then there was also a report about a frog rain in Wales in the year 2004. It might surprise you and you might think that frog rain is the name given to some kind of acidic rain but no, frog rain is what the name shows, a phenomenon where frogs actually do rain from the sky. It is scientifically proven that animal can rain down on us and the most common raining animals include frogs, fishes, and lastly, Birds. No one can exactly explain how this happens because certainly, there are no clouds that produce frogs or other animals for that matter. No this is science for you, as mysterious as ever!

10 Amazing Things About Dreams

There have been many studies that have been conducted on human dreams for the simple reason that having a dream is an amazing phenomenon. We all know that dreams are colorless and whatever we imagine in our dreams is just that, imagination. We are also familiar of the fact that the only faces we can see in our dreams are the faces that we have seen in real life! The most interesting thing is that all that we see in our dreams can have a huge impact on our lives. The base word from which this word was taken (dreme) actually refers to joy and music but there have been instances (several of them) where dreams have not been all joy and music! This list will take you into the finer details regarding dreams, things that you many not know about dreams!


Have you ever heard that a person died of fatal insomnia, a problem where the patient cannot sleep at all! Well that is due to the reason that the brain decides not to shut off at all, not even if coma is induced! The amazing thing that most of you might not have known before is that a lot of portions of the brain are actually active while we sleep. There are different stages of a human sleeps where different parts of the brain are involved specially the visual areas of the human cortex and the limbic system that is responsible for our emotions. The human cortex is, in some cases, more active during the sleep than it is while a human is awake!

10 Things to do With Used Aluminium Cans

Aluminium cans is one of those extra waste materials that have been around for quite some time now. We see them lying around in garbage cans, on the sides of the roads in the poor areas, we see them flying away when the wind is hard. I personally admire drinking out of can than out of a glass bottle, I am not sure of the exact but cans seem much more macho! Even most of the energy drinks come in cans! The real question is, what should one do with them once they are empty. Being an avid admirer of hand-made crafts, I bring to you a few ideas as to how you can put those cans to use!

10. Protect Young Plants

If the majority of you are those who like to plant gardens or flowers and are avid admirers of nature then surely you would love this particular idea. See what you can do if that for all those small plants of yours that need protection from worms and other tiny insects of the earth, you can now make a protection round for them. What you need to do is cut out the top and the bottom of the cans and press the cans into the earth around the plants. This will create a protective barrier within the earth for the plants and will not let random insects and worms to reach the plant. Do remember that this only works for the tiny little plants and not for the big ones! A very handy idea that I myself have tried quite a few times specially in the kitchen garden!

10 Amazing Things Human Mind is Capable off

It is a true fact that a human brain can do a lot of amazing things which is the prime reason enabling humans in turn to do amazing things. Take as an example that we accept light rays into our eyes and our brains percepts these light rays via the optic nerves and the nerve signals thus sent, and analyzes it. After analyzing it, the required signals are sent to various parts of our body to generate the correct responses. And all of this is done in a span of time. This example can be included in the things that are known to every one and each and every one of us is aware that the brain is a powerful organ.

There are, however, certain things that the human mind has been known to do that most of us are unaware about. This list that I compiled for you, is a summarization of such things. The cases presented below are a rarity and we do not find a lot of people suffering from such phenomenon but feel free to divulge in the information presented below.

10. Pam Reynolds’ Experienced Life After Death

She is a blues singer belonging to Atlanta. What happened was that she under went a surgery that is known by the name of an aneurysm. While the surgery is being performed, the brain is drained of all the blood which obviously renders it inactive for almost 45 minutes. The amazing thing is that she remembered everything that was performed during the operation.  The fact that the whole procedure was done by expert physicians and the brain actually was unable to accept any kinds of signals (should have been actually), even then she could re-tell most of the things. Which makes her one of the very few people in the world who have experienced a Near Death Experience.

Top 10 Faults in the Human Thought Process

As wonderful a thing as the human mind is, it is however is not error free. But that is not unexpected, consider the fact that the human brain is always getting so many signals and stimuli responses at a time and some how a human being is responding to all of them, which is an astoundingly amazing concept on it own. At this point I would like to take my words back and re-state that, since the mind is a beautiful and complex organ, there are some concepts of the brain that one cannot explain. They cannot however be referred to as faults. The following documents enlists such complexities of the brain that one cannot comprehend!


The Gambler’s fallacy is the phenomenon where the mind thinks that a probability of the future is altered by some of the past events. This may be true in some cases but most of the times, the probabilities remain the same no matter what the result of the previous events have been. For example, when you flip a coin and it turns up heads more than ten times, you automatically start thinking that since it was heads so many times, then the probability of a tail is more now. This is however, is not true because no matter how many times you flip the coin and no matter what the result is, the probability of a head and a tail remain the same! This is the confusion due to which a lot of gamblers lose a fortune! You can easily guess how I am sure!

10 Facts about Rats

I don’t really like rats but that doesn’t mean I am not curious about them. Rats happen to be a symbol of death and plague and they are feared by many humans and induce disgust into others. While there are some who like to keep them as pets, others try to stay as far away from them as possible. Rats are the main cause of billions of dollars worth of damage every year. They spoil food supplies, chew through the electrical wires and bite babies in their cribs (ouch). Even still, they are beneficial beyond measures to human kind. Listed below are ten of the most fascinating facts about rats. I was a little shocked when I came across them.


The most common rats known to human kind is Norway Rat. Some refer to them as the brown rats. They probably originated in China and they can gain up to 2.2 pounds in weight. They plague cities such as New York and London. Their population can vary from a few hundred thousand to a few hundred million of course, that depends on your locality. They can be found nearly in every corner of the globe except the Arctic and Antarctic regions and some areas of Canada and New Zealand. If you domesticate these species, you get the albino rats that are used in laboratory experiments.