10 Facts about Elephants

I like elephants; they are cute, huge and funny looking. They are a big part of many cultures and they are used as metaphors all around the world. They are associated with wisdom. For many people around the globe, elephants hold some sort of religious values. Of course, not all of us live close enough to elephants to know a lot about them. In fact, most of us have hardly seen them once, twice or even never. I will list down ten interesting facts about elephants that you probably didn’t know before. It is said how these poor creatures have had hunters on their tails ever since their tusks became valuable.


Until 2010, only two different species of elephants were recognized. There are new reports now that say that there are at least three different species of these creatures; The Asian Elephant (Alphas Maximus), the African Bush Elephant (Loxodonta Africana) and the African Forest Elephant (Loxodonta Cyclones). The Asian elephant is the smallest and therefore smaller tusks. The African Forest Elephant has straighter tusks while the Bush Elephant has beautifully curved tusks.

Ten Fastest Animals on Land

Wildlife has always fascinated me. There are many diverse species and each and every single one of them is quite awesome in its own respective way. Another thing that gets my attention is speed and that’s how I arrived at this article. By the way, my favorite bird will have to be a falcon because of its superfast hunting speed. In the wild, agility is something the animals bank on, to survive. This article discusses the ten fastest animals on land. Of course, you must be familiar with some when it comes to speed, but there are still some on this list that I was unaware of until recent past. Nevertheless, it is an interesting read.


This cute little guy is usually found in Northern and Central America. It is known for his fast hunting speeds. The gray fox is not a very big animal weighing in on around 10 pounds and that’s one of the reasons that can achieve such speeds. If the gray fox feels the need to, it can run at around 42 miles per hour. Unlike most animals in the wild, this fox likes to hunt alone which I think is pretty brave on its party considering its small size.

10 things you never knew about Wolves

I am sure that after watching the TWILIGHT series, a lot of the readers now consider themselves pros about the knowledge regarding werewolves. And yes I know that Jacob made a very handsome werewolf with a lot of passion for Miss Bella. Seeing the interest of the people in this whole aura surrounding werewolves, I thought of bringing to you some facts that most of you probably do not know about wolves. After you have gone through this, Jacob might not seem all that handsome to you anymore. Writting it did not effect me as it is because I myself am a die-hard Robert Pattinson fan. All the best people! Enjoy the read!


So did you know what they say about black wolves not occurring naturally? Well there was a study that was conducted in the year 2008 to investigate thissame statement. If they do not occur naturally how come they exist at all? Soas per the studies conducted at Stanford university, only dogs have themutation that is required for black fur. So it turns out that wolves mate withcanines and since the mutation responsible for the dark hair is more dominantthan the others, it is passed on. Black wolves are more common in North Americathan any where else in the world. The backward matting that gives them blackhair also additionally gives them some immunity to a certain diseases. Butapart from that there is nothing so special that they get. And NO they do notturn into humans if that’s  what you are thinking.

Ten Interesting Cat Tales

We all love cats; most of us do. They are cute, cuddly and arrogant and they have just the right amount of attitude which is actually one of the most attractive things about them. Ask any cat owner and they will have either a hilarious or an absolutely cute story about their pet. But there are some tales that you weren’t probably aware of. Until recently, even I didn’t know about most of these stories. These are true stories, and you can find videos and pictures regarding them all over the internet. It doesn’t matter if you are a dog lover; these stories are still very fascinating and interesting. Give it a read, you’ll know what I mean.


You can find the video to this cat on YouTube. As long as the cat is trained to use the kitty litter, I am fine with having to change the litter every two days or one day. If the cat is not trained however, that is not acceptable. But this cat takes it to the next level. The Litter Kwitter is cat-friendly training system that can train your cat to use the toilet. You can look up more information on this system online if you are interested. I know I was and I will soon start using this system for my own two cats.

Ten Extremely Terrifying Creatures

What is the most horrifying creature that you ever heard of? I have heard many stories of different mysterious creatures walking this very planet. These creatures are nothing a normal human mind could possibly accept and they naturally generate fear amongst us. We have seen many horrifying and scary looking creatures in different movies and we have read about them in different books. But the question is, do these creatures actually exist? Are there species of things unknown that walk the planet with us? There are stories that originate from ancient times and they have made it so far and this article is exactly about those stories and different sightings in various parts of the world. It’s an interesting read.


This creature was sighted twice in the town of Dover, Massachusetts between on the 20th and 22nd April in the year 1977. It is not certain whether ‘it’ is a creature or an alien. There are people who suggest this demon does not belong to this planet. It is reported to have had a large watermelon-like head, bright orange eyes, long and thin arms, hairless body and tan sandpaper-like skin. It is said that this demon had no nose, no eyes and no mouth and that it was three feet tall. It is not associated with any human killing yet.

Top Ten Eccentric and Unique Organisms

When someone says the word ‘organisms’, what comes to your mind? Better yet, living organisms? A whole list of things crawl through our minds ranging from small insects to lions and elephants to cats and dogs. There are different categories that come to our minds as well for example, aquatic, docile, wild, carnivorous, herbivorous organisms and etc. We as humans tend to be very ignorant and ignore the ‘not-so-obvious’ details on a daily basis. There are a million things that we do not know of yet and there a million organisms that do exist but we are unaware. This article talks about some weird eccentric organisms that you probably never heard of before and each one of these creatures is very interesting and unique.


Sea Pigs are creatures that are said to be related to sea cucumbers. These organisms are about four inches in length and have about ten tentacles. They don’t exactly swim but rather walk on the ocean floor with the help of their tub like feet. They detect food by its scent. They were named ‘sea pigs’ because of their pinkish skin color highly resembling the pig that we know of. They eat organic particles trapped in the mud which they scrape off with their tentacles.

Ten Cryptids That Were Proven False

Cryptids are either plants or animals whose existence has been suggested but is still to be proven scientifically. A lot of these creatures are under debate to this date and the most noticeable example would be the ‘big foot’ or ‘sasquatch’. There are also those whose existence has been proven for example an okapi. Most of them however, have been proven fake. In this article I will discuss ten of those Cryptids who have been totally denied by science so you can read on and rest assured that these creatures (plants or animals) do not exist in real life.

10. RODS

Rods are something that can exist only in pictures and videos. They are pictures taken of insect flying around really fast at night and therefore the camera can’t capture them properly, displaying them as rods. These pictures and videos put us ‘petit-minded’ humans in a frenzy to discover these ‘aliens’ for real. Much to our disappointment, the rods were associated with the camera not long after the question of their existence was first addressed. Oh how we are fascinated by supernatural phenomenons.