Ten Strange Forests of the World

I have always been very attracted by forests; all the greenery and the curiosity for the creatures that might dwell in them. Forests cover around 9.4% of the Earth’s surface. It’s fast shrinking of course because of all the deforestation. There were times when the forests covered around 50% of the surface so it’s a shame really. Most of the people around the world haven’t had the unique experience to be able to go inside a forest and see what it is like, I mean sure we have seen lengthy documentaries on television but that isn’t that same now is it. This article covers some of the strangest forests around the world.


This particular forest can be found in the Bay of Bengal. Almost the entire Island is covered with trees. The total area covered by the trees is around 72 square kilometers. The trees are very old. Interestingly, a tribe called Sentinelese lives here with around 50 to 400 individuals and considering the fact that the island is completely isolated, that is saying something. It will be an interesting experience to visit the forest/island, although reaching there might still be a problem.

10 of the Most Exotic But Deadly Flowers in the World

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Whether its a condolence bouquet, a rose to say whatever is there in your heart, a bunch of flowers to say thank you, the list of uses for these pretty little things is endless. Also, when ever we go out on a hiking trip or a picnic, the attraction of the flowers compels the on looker. However, some of these flowers are like a sharp dagger dipped in honey. Yes, exactly, not all flowers are meant to simply look pretty and have butterflies sit on them. Some are known to be so dangerous that they actually end up killing people. And if death is not the fate then going into coma, seizures, and different kinds of attacks is a certain possibility. So we have compiled for you a list of flowers that by no means qualify as gift or a giveaway present


True that opium is known as the famous drug heroine but it is the same plant that produces this pretty flower. It is this flower alkaloid that is further processed to make the drug. This plant is cultivated in a lot places and this has been going on for quite a number of years. The drug itself may not cause immediate death unless consumed in very high doses but the latex of the plant is very dangerous. It can lead the person into coma and even cause the failure of the heart and complete collapse of the lungs. In some parts of the world it is still used as a drug to cure sleeplessness.

The Ten Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

A dog is man’s best friend. I am sure that you have heard of this statement a million times but that does not under any circumstance means that a dog is completely harmless. Yes, there are friendly dogs but there exist the exact opposite ones as well. One thing that you must understand is that a dog does not necessarily have to be unfriendly to be dangerous. Sure, we love our pets be it cats or dogs nonetheless, one must know of the dangerous breeds as an extra precaution. It doesn’t really hold true that a specific breed of dog might react in a  specific way to something but after reading this, you might get the idea.


Boxers originated from Germany in the 1850s. Their weight varies between 50 to 64 pounds while the height is between 20 to 25 inches.

A Boxer is a square dog and it also happens to be a very strong one. Boxers enjoy the long walks, but never ever make the mistake of forgetting the leash. They will be friendly with you and even obedient, but if a stranger takes a step out of line and that’s that for them. Keep these leashed and they will cause no problem at all. The ancestors (European Bulldogs) of a Boxer were used to hunt boars etc. so you can guess how dangerous can they prove to be.

Ten of the most Beautiful Ancient Gardens of the World

There is perhaps nothing more pleasant to the senses than to sit in a garden filled with the greenest of greens; to see flower beds that present an array of colors so varied that one can easily get lost; to hear sound of birds around you; in short nature at the peak of its glory. Just to be there and to absorb the entirety of it, to feel the serene silence is a treat to dive into. Read on to find out about some of the most astounding natural and ancient gardens in the world restored in top notch state waiting to be toured.


The Viceroy’s Palace Garden in India is one of the most beautiful gardens of the country. It has a vast span of formal gardens with extensively designed landscapes that are a treat for the eyes. The impressive thing about the landscapes is the fact that they are not depictive of the Mughal or British style of gardening. They represent a modernistic vision which is pretty advanced for gardens that old. Covered in vast flowery areas and delicate lanes of grass separated with  fountains, they present a wonderful scene to the onlooker.