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You have seen some movies where the humans come into some sort of sexual contact with supernatural beings. Well, it’s in the movies for some reasons. Throughout the time there have been several myths regarding these particular concepts and there have been many stories as well. People have talked about certain incidents that led us to believe in their possible existence. Over time, these supernatural beings became known as ‘sex demons’. While now is a different story, during ancient times being unexpectedly pregnant or getting an abortion resulted in anger from the people whom one was close to. One theory is that in order to cover for those incidents people made up these sex demons. Ten of the most popular ones are listed below in this article.


Popobawa means ‘bat-wing’ in Swahili. It is said to be a large creature that resembles a bat. It has one eye. It is said that this creature stalks men and women in Zanzibar, Africa and then rapes them. It is also said to have shape-shifting powers and is often in the form of either a human or an animal. It visits households at night. Some say that this creatures roots are in Islam and according to the researcher Benjamin Radford, the recitation of Quran keeps this particular demon at bay.