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I have always been very attracted by forests; all the greenery and the curiosity for the creatures that might dwell in them. Forests cover around 9.4% of the Earth’s surface. It’s fast shrinking of course because of all the deforestation. There were times when the forests covered around 50% of the surface so it’s a shame really. Most of the people around the world haven’t had the unique experience to be able to go inside a forest and see what it is like, I mean sure we have seen lengthy documentaries on television but that isn’t that same now is it. This article covers some of the strangest forests around the world.


This particular forest can be found in the Bay of Bengal. Almost the entire Island is covered with trees. The total area covered by the trees is around 72 square kilometers. The trees are very old. Interestingly, a tribe called Sentinelese lives here with around 50 to 400 individuals and considering the fact that the island is completely isolated, that is saying something. It will be an interesting experience to visit the forest/island, although reaching there might still be a problem.