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We have seen a lot of different colored houses and architectures that made us say “What the hell were they thinking?” Most of these architectures are ¬†funny or are poorly painted or perhaps just odd. But when you look at the collection of houses we have gathered for you from around the world, you will be truly amazed. We bring to you houses with some of the strangest structures possible on the planet.


This house is in Mornington, Peninsula, Australia and was built by McBride Charles Ryan and it was named as the ‘World’s Best House in 2009‘. The house is based on the concept of Klein Bottle which basically means to invert a cylinder into itself which thus creates an unusual spiral form. This means the interior of the house is the exterior and the exterior is the interior. A courtyard is present right in the middle of the house so that wind can pass through it with ease. Genius work I must say!