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To be honest I really haven’t played any role-playing games when it comes to the tabletop category however, I will let you know that I am a huge RPG fan. I am a little too young to be doing things the ‘old school’ way so I prefer playing these games on the computer or a console. RPGs are interesting because they challenge your mind on completely different levels compared to conventional game play. But let’s not get into that. For now, I am going to list down ten of the most famous and best role-playing games to have ever been made and played. I am sure you will be familiar with most them. Even though I haven’t played any tabletop RPG, I knew many of these before compiling this list. Hope you enjoy the read.


First up, we have Rifts and it is set many hundred years into the future. The planet undergoes some dramatic changes and the space-time continuum has broken. You have passage to other dimensions and spaces. You have magical powers and you have technology. You can expect anything to happen in the world of Rifts. The mechanics of the game however, are not so streamlined. In fact, even though the game has the potential to last for years, the mechanics tend to be more of a killjoy. Imagine this; you are human and you have no magical or supernatural abilities; your friend is playing a dragon; what do you do in that scenario? Such unbalance is experienced in the game.