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How many people or bands can you think of if I ask you about the best music bands or best singers of all time? I for one, off the top of my head, could come up with only two namely; Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Even if you are not into music, you would at least know these two artists. They were brilliant. But that’s not all. The world isn’t that small you know. There are other people, singers and artists that were huge. I am music enthusiast and I only recently got to know about them. Frankly, it was very embarrassing when people asked me whether I had heard them and I said no. So take my advice, read through the following list and know the best of the best in the world of music.


Julio Iglesias makes it to the number ten position with 250,000,000 album sales. There are many other artists who claim to have sold these many albums but there wasn’t sufficient proof so we decided to honor Julio Iglesias with the number 10 position. It’s not the position that matters, it’s the number of album sales and it certainly is one big achievement. He used to be a goal keeper for Real Madrid but because of a car accident, he couldn’t play for long enough time. He was later very successful with his music career selling around 77 albums and doing about 5000 concerts.