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Let’s accept the fact that we scour the internet for information every day; well most of us do. If you are into reading and books, you probably came across a lot of lists on the internet that talk about all these famous books that according to them are a must read before one dies. I find that a little stupid. True enough, the talk about some really great titles, but what is the point of reading something that will give you a different and interesting insight into life ‘before’ you die? I say, we should read books or at least know about books that give you an insight into how life can be before we actually start living. So I am going to go ahead and call this one a list of books that you must read before you really grow up.


Author May Sinclair wrote this book. Harriet’s affection towards her parents ultimately drives her to misery. This book contains an important lesson; that one must break free from the chains that bound you and develop one’s own identity. If you want to be an individual, you must, at some point, rebel against your parents. If you fail to do that, you will destroy any chances of you being happy and you will lose your self-respect. So if life gets tough, try dealing with it yourself before running off to your parents.