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If you suffer from the fear of clowns (coulrophobia), you might want to stay clear of this topic. I hate clowns, I do not understand their point, and it’s not like I am afraid of them but I still find them creepy. The entire concept of clowns is a little weird to begin with and that strange make up on the face is just too much. They seem happy on the outside but it’s always as if there is something wrong with them on the inside. This article talks about ten different clowns whom I don’t think you should ever mess with. Not that you would ever get a chance, but still.


I am sure all of you know ‘The Simpsons’. This guy is character from the very same program. Every kid I have seen loves this guy. He is addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, Percodan, Pepto-Bismol and Xanax. As soon as the cameras stop shooting, he becomes depressed and that explains his addictions. He spends money as fast as anything and is shown to light his cigarettes with hundred dollar bills. He spends a lot of money on pornographic magazines and he loses a lot of money in gambling. A clown is not supposed to be this way and that’s exactly why Krusty has made it to the list. I would never feel safe if this sort of a clown is around me.