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We are living in the digital era. Those of you who say that you can live a day without modern-day technology, you know you are not be completely honest. As of now, we are so dependent on our tiny little gadgets that it is near impossible to spend a day without those, at least comfortably or with as much productivity. For me, internet and mobile are two very important attributes if you consider spending twenty-four hours. Imagine what you would do if you didn’t have internet or your mobile for one entire day. The world is progressing so fast these days that it is has become hard to keep up with it and therefore the use of gadgets and technology has become really necessary. This article talks about the ten gadgets that made the big difference in our lives and how we lived them. Read on to find out more.


This little gadget created a path to the 3DS and the PlayStation Vita and PSP. It made our travelling a hell of lot easier. The graphics of course were nothing compared to what we have now, but well what do you expect from the first of its kind? Nevertheless, Nintendo Gameboy is something that brightened our lives in many ways.