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Let’s admit that we’ve all heard stories about werewolves and have been scared breathless in our childhoods. Now that we are all grown up we know they don’t exist but we have seen then in movies, read novels about them. They are pretty cool. I believe that humans tend to be very ignorant at times and we simply deny the existence of things that our mind cannot comprehend. Same is the case with werewolves. Just because the entire phenomenon seems a bit farfetched and we haven’t seen them with our own eyes, we blindly trust that these creatures do not exist. But are we doing the right thing in trusting that? Read on to find out.


In the sixteenth century, in a town of Dole, the residents were permitted to hunt and kill the werewolf that had been haunting the village. A group of villagers, walking in the forest, heard the screams of a little child. Upon arriving at the source of the screams, the villagers witnessed a child trying to fend off a monstrous wolf, later identified as Gilles Garnier. He confessed of being a werewolf and was later burnt.