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I have always been bored by history and frankly I have never bothered much but this is one area that intrigues me and so I am looking on information about this particular subject off and on. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could trace your bloodline back to one of the civilizations of the world? I know I’d be thrilled to know mine. Anyway, this article discusses the top ten civilizations of the world that were truly terrifying. It is common sense to believe that ‘we’ are not the only civilization to have ever lived on planet Earth and that there were others before us in every part of the world. With such amazing numbers civilizations throughout the course of history, you should know at least few of the following ten. I, for one, know about all ten of them.


These guys had the reputation of being head hunters (literally). They used to cut up the heads of their victims and show them off on their chariots. They used to fight naked. They heads were attached to the necks of their horses. They would sing a song of victory after winning a battle. If the enemy was important or big enough, they would preserve the head carefully. They later used to show that head off to complete strangers.