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What is the most horrifying creature that you ever heard of? I have heard many stories of different mysterious creatures walking this very planet. These creatures are nothing a normal human mind could possibly accept and they naturally generate fear amongst us. We have seen many horrifying and scary looking creatures in different movies and we have read about them in different books. But the question is, do these creatures actually exist? Are there species of things unknown that walk the planet with us? There are stories that originate from ancient times and they have made it so far and this article is exactly about those stories and different sightings in various parts of the world. It’s an interesting read.


This creature was sighted twice in the town of Dover, Massachusetts between on the 20th and 22nd April in the year 1977. It is not certain whether ‘it’ is a creature or an alien. There are people who suggest this demon does not belong to this planet. It is reported to have had a large watermelon-like head, bright orange eyes, long and thin arms, hairless body and tan sandpaper-like skin. It is said that this demon had no nose, no eyes and no mouth and that it was three feet tall. It is not associated with any human killing yet.