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I am sure that after watching the TWILIGHT series, a lot of the readers now consider themselves pros about the knowledge regarding werewolves. And yes I know that Jacob made a very handsome werewolf with a lot of passion for Miss Bella. Seeing the interest of the people in this whole aura surrounding werewolves, I thought of bringing to you some facts that most of you probably do not know about wolves. After you have gone through this, Jacob might not seem all that handsome to you anymore. Writting it did not effect me as it is because I myself am a die-hard Robert Pattinson fan. All the best people! Enjoy the read!


So did you know what they say about black wolves not occurring naturally? Well there was a study that was conducted in the year 2008 to investigate thissame statement. If they do not occur naturally how come they exist at all? Soas per the studies conducted at Stanford university, only dogs have themutation that is required for black fur. So it turns out that wolves mate withcanines and since the mutation responsible for the dark hair is more dominantthan the others, it is passed on. Black wolves are more common in North Americathan any where else in the world. The backward matting that gives them blackhair also additionally gives them some immunity to a certain diseases. Butapart from that there is nothing so special that they get. And NO they do notturn into humans if that’s  what you are thinking.