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I am sure you are familiar with the concept of flow arts and you might have even seen them happening live. Flow arts are considered to be a form of art where your body, mind and spirit are in perfect sync. These arts have evolved over the period of time and now it uses many different tools and styles or rhythms if you may. Almost every single form of this art has evolved to include fire and it looks absolutely brilliant with that addition. If you practice any of these arts or are willing to do so, just know that you will get better at it with every single second. It’s almost as if your body is naturally programmed to perform at these arts and it is amazing. This article talks about ten tools that are used in this art.


Juggling has been a part of this world for thousands of years. Juggling was first introduced to circuses in the 1700s. These days, many different things are used by jugglers; enter fire. Get some normal juggling clubs attach wicks to one end, light them up and you have fire clubs. Juggle them around and you can create a beautiful picture of dancing fire. It is dangerous though, so one has to be very careful.