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When someone says the word ‘organisms’, what comes to your mind? Better yet, living organisms? A whole list of things crawl through our minds ranging from small insects to lions and elephants to cats and dogs. There are different categories that come to our minds as well for example, aquatic, docile, wild, carnivorous, herbivorous organisms and etc. We as humans tend to be very ignorant and ignore the ‘not-so-obvious’ details on a daily basis. There are a million things that we do not know of yet and there a million organisms that do exist but we are unaware. This article talks about some weird eccentric organisms that you probably never heard of before and each one of these creatures is very interesting and unique.


Sea Pigs are creatures that are said to be related to sea cucumbers. These organisms are about four inches in length and have about ten tentacles. They don’t exactly swim but rather walk on the ocean floor with the help of their tub like feet. They detect food by its scent. They were named ‘sea pigs’ because of their pinkish skin color highly resembling the pig that we know of. They eat organic particles trapped in the mud which they scrape off with their tentacles.