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Ever wondered exactly how much can you earn while if you are a good sportsman? Well, here’s a list of sportsmen who earn more than a lot of people can even dream of. The list comprises of two golfers, three soccer (football) players, two Basketball (NBA) players, a baseball player, an F1 racer and a legendary tennis player. So that basically makes an entire list of sports one could possibly want to play and these players are living proof that if you excel at your game, you will earn more than what is considered adequate in this world. The following list was released by Forbes so it you can believe the numbers without a second thought.


Lionel Messi is a soccer player for Barcelona and he made it to the tenth spot earning a whopping 32.3 million dollars. Now one thing you need to understand is that being the best soccer player doesn’t necessarily mean that you get to earn the highest. Messi is the third-highest paid soccer player and he earns about fifty percent of his money from the club, Barcelona and the rest comes from sponsors such as Pepsi, Adidas etc. He had a wonderful year; score 53 goals, won fifth La Liga title and third Champions league trophy and it all happened before his 24th Birthday.