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Talk about the luxuries in the world, you can keep throwing in your money and might still not be enough to get the best of the best. This post covers the most expensive homes in the world till date and you will be surprised to see the creative way people chose to spend their money. The mere design leaves your mouth wide open and you just want to be able to stay in a haven like that for once. That was the case with me at least. You remember the show called MTV Cribs where they would go to the homes of random celebrities and give you a walk-through. Let’s just say, that those houses were cute compared to what you are about to look at right now. Moreover, the mere size is astonishing; I don’t understand the point of a wide-spread house. I will personally always prefer smaller, cozy houses. Either way, read on to find out more; it’s quite fascinating.


Dracula’s castle is valued at 80 million dollars. The good part is that in the year 1980, it was converted into a museum so you can go visit it any time and roam the corridors of this huge castle. Archduke Domini owns this castle. The house has 57 rooms, 17 bedrooms and is full of beautiful antique furniture. The mere smell of the wood is a delight.