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Mankind has always been very fascinated with weapons. Initially, they were meant to hunt but that soon transformed into means of killing fellow humans. We evolved and along with us the weapons did as well. Now we have weapons of such destructive power that it is not even easy to imagine. But where did it all begin from? When the weapons were first started to be used, they were not very sophisticated and that’s exactly what we plan on discussing in this article. Listed below are some of the most unusual weapons from ancient times and believe it or not, they were actually used. A few of them even made their way into the world we know but they are a million times more, well, deadly. Read on to find more on this topic.


This seriously reminds me of a baseball bat. This particular weapon was used by the Maori tribes in New Zealand. It was built from nephrite jade. It’s weird however that the tribes used this club for thrusting and not exactly swinging or smashing downward blows. They considered it to be a spiritual weapon and even thought that the mere had mana of its own. Mana is spiritual energy believed to be useful when performing magic. The clubs were a symbol of leadership and losing one of these was considered bad luck. Every effort was made to find the mere and return it to the owner.