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10 Most Outrageous High Heels for Women Ever Designed

I can completely relate to the obsession  that girls and women from all over the world have with shoes. It is shoes, heels in particular that can add or subtract the glam factor from your outfit be it whatever. I guess this is one lesson we all learned from “The Sex and the City” and more specifically from Sarah Jessica Parker. In this world of ever-changing trends, for designs to be cutting edge, designers need to push boundaries more often than not. So yes, I totally understand the demand for excellent heels but there certainly is a limit. I have gathered for you a list of heels that you won’t be caught dead wearing. They are seriously deadly, as in they are the Cruella De Vil of heels. Read on please.



Well these are heels that you actually might be caught dead wearing and they will also be the prime suspect in your death! Jokes apart, I request you all to take a few moments out of your time to actually look at these heels! They are literally killer heels. Actually, to call them heels is a bit of an understatement, it is shoes that are pretending to be heels because the apparent heels do not physically exist in these shoes. Designed by the famous Noritaka Tatehana, this is what you get when you literally put all your weight against the boundaries, no pun intended obviously.

10 Hottest Party Schools in the United States

If you have recently graduated or are looking for a University in the United States to carry on with your higher studies, we strongly recommend that before making your final decision go through the following list at least once. We are sure that this list will put some thoughts in your mind and each of the following will tempt you to enroll with one of them. Following is a list of the top ten hottest universities in the United States in terms of girls, party and friends.


This university is a host to almost 30,000 under-graduates and according to the students, if you choose; you can have fun with a different student every day. With a vast variety of students, you have a lot of different choices in both girls and the guys. This coming from the students themselves, ‘there are a lot of cuties on the campus.’ The name of this university proudly shows up when it comes to party-stories and spice about girls. So if you are applying in this university or are already a part of it, consider yourself lucky.

10 Hottest Female Villains

There is something about male villains that makes us hate them. Whenever there is a scene where the male villain is kicking someone else and beating the shit out of them, we are silently (and sometimes even out loud) cursing them. But when it is a female villain instead we are all eyes and ears. It always is a sight to behold. And yes feel free to believe that the producers and directors are perhaps biased because not as much attention is paid to detail when it comes to a male villain. With female villains however, it is the complete opposite. Scroll down and you will get the proof that you are looking for.


Demi Moore is one hot-shot actress and all that you ever want to know why she is on this list is completely engraved into this one picture. She appeared as Madison Lee in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

10 of the Weirdest Medical Healing Treatments!

Medical science has always been weird but it goes without a doubt that advancement in this field has led to help a lot of people, which is certainly a blessing disguise! But below you shall find some of the most hideous methods of healing that have ever been heard off! I am tempted to say that I might as well stay sick if people were to heal me with one of the methods below! It is a horror to know that some of these are still used as procedures in many parts of the world and I thought that have been ridden of because of being ancient!


This is one of those treatments that is also known as (jokingly) the treatment that sucks! Well I will certainly give you that it does suck big time! This technique involves the use of leeches to heal wounds and those too European medical leeches! This therapy dates back to ancient times but is still widely acclaimed because leeches are used as an ailment for problems such as blood blotting and relieving swelling, for problems where blood flow needs to be stimulated, and then again for various sorts of osteoarthritis (whatever that is)! It got popular in 1990’s and since then it is very popular various countries!