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Did you ever happen to read the side effects of the most common household medicine? There’s a whole list on the literature that’s provided with the medicine. If you happen to read it I can honestly say that you might even stop eating that particular medicine. But listing those side effects haven’t got anything to do with them actually happening really, they are only listed for legal purposes, you know, just in case they actually do happen. I once read the side effects to a common headache tablet. I will not get into a lot of details here but one of the side effects to eating that tablet was ‘headache’. Ironic isn’t it? This article describes the ten really weird side effects that you are probably seeing for the first time.


In order to treat congestive heart and control high blood pressures, more often than not, Vasotec is prescribed. While this drug can have an impact on all your senses, the one that takes the most severe hit is your sense of smell. Yes, this drug renders you incapable of smelling for the period in which you are under the side effect. It wears off of course. But wouldn’t it be weird if you can’t smell for an entire day or something?