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Medical science has always been weird but it goes without a doubt that advancement in this field has led to help a lot of people, which is certainly a blessing disguise! But below you shall find some of the most hideous methods of healing that have ever been heard off! I am tempted to say that I might as well stay sick if people were to heal me with one of the methods below! It is a horror to know that some of these are still used as procedures in many parts of the world and I thought that have been ridden of because of being ancient!


This is one of those treatments that is also known as (jokingly) the treatment that sucks! Well I will certainly give you that it does suck big time! This technique involves the use of leeches to heal wounds and those too European medical leeches! This therapy dates back to ancient times but is still widely acclaimed because leeches are used as an ailment for problems such as blood blotting and relieving swelling, for problems where blood flow needs to be stimulated, and then again for various sorts of osteoarthritis (whatever that is)! It got popular in 1990’s and since then it is very popular various countries!