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As it is pretty evident from all the campaigns that focus on saving trees, they are a very important part of our atmosphere as well as our environment! Mathew Fox once said and I quote here that if you look closely at a tree than you will notice knobs and dead branches, along with green branches and leaves, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfections go together wonderfully!

It just teaches us something about life and that is what trees are all about. I personally adore nature and greenery and while surfing the net, I came across these weird but beautiful trees. So in this article I will be sharing some trees from all over the world that are simply gorgeous!


Axel Erlandson has a passion for sculpturing tress and this is what inspired him to open up a horticulture exhibit in 1947 located in Santa Cruz. This particular talent is known as Arbor Sculpture! He created many master pieces for example the Circus Tree which attracted a lot of attention from around the world! He used the technique to graft various living plants together to make up the structure. One particular structure that is quite famous is the Basket tree for which he had grafted sycamores together in 42 different connections. It is these connections that gave it the basket shape!