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There is always a time in life when you need to buy a present for a person that you hate with all your life. There will be that seasonal obligation to gift a person that gets on your nerves. A person that you cannot stand the mere sight off but yet you have to do what you have to do. Why, you might ask, why do I have to gift a person that I do not even like. Well get this punk, that person that you hate might be your boss, so then you certainly have to get him or her something otherwise it will only worsen your relationship. Or it can be that step parents or the mother-in-law (wonder why they always show up in haters lists) that you do not like! What will you do? You need to gift them. Or it can be that dear friend of your love that you hate from the core of your heart;you have to gift them so that you do not offend your one true love. Yes yes we know that life is a messy little biaach but hey, I have gathered for you a list of ideas for gifts to give to people you hate. So here goes the highly in-demand list of things to get them itching ride where they can’t reach. The list works on the principle “the strength of the itch is directly proportional to the distance of the reach, the higher the distance the stronger the itch”!Happy hating!


The first and the foremost will be the oldest and most used HATE gift in the world. Presenting “A subscription for the Magazine that your target hates the most”. What you can basically do is give them a fully paid monthly subscription and try to ensure that the subscription is not cancellable for at least a few months. You can add insult to the injury if for e.g. you have known your target to go on and on about how a certain race has messed up the whole neighbourhood , you can find out exactly what magazine favors these people a lot and then ensure that your target is on the mailing list. This will really spice up things and is sure to drive your target up the wall. Good for extreme pleasure.